Hong Kong: Molotov Fireballs Hurled Inside Subway by Peaceful Freedom Protestors!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2019

The latest NPC patch went through. We are not allowed to criticize the Hong Kong protestors. No matter how many random people these rich brats attack in the streets and subways, they are like Antifa: morally unassailable.

That being said, I don’t think that even Antifa tried to firebomb a subway. This is just straight-up terrorism.


Some protesters in Hong Kong hurled several Molotov cocktails inside a subway station and vandalized property during demonstrations Saturday, local authorities said.

In a government statement, police warned people they described as rioters to stop illegal activities after two petrol bombs were thrown into Kowloon Tong Mass Transit Railway station at about 3 p.m.. The explosives seriously damaged facilities, though no one was injured.

Did you catch that?

These sweet children tried to commit mass murder with petrol bombs. That’s one of the nastiest ways to go. And for what, exactly? What does the average mass transit commuter have to do with the struggle for Human Rights Freedom Democracy ™? Inquiring minds want to know before they receive a sharp and sudden crack to the skull from behind by said protestors.

Let’s ask the average Breitbart reader, shall we?

It goes on like that for awhile. Unironic support for the terrorists and calls for Uncle Sam to start arming them so that they can kill more people.

It bears repeating: Boomers are sick in the head. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the left or on the right – the average Boomer is infected with something like the rage virus that you see in the zombie movies. It flares up periodically and causes a lot of destruction before it goes dormant again until the next CIA Democracy Human Rights Freedom ™ promotion project is ready.


Random people getting beaten up in the name of Tolerance and Progressivism and Hong Kongism.

The demonstrators also “set fire to Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, broke the roll-up gate and stormed the building to inflict damage,” the Hong Kong government announced in a later statement.

The government also referred to “some radical protesters” who “have removed railing from roads, spray-painted and vandalized shops,” in the statement, adding that the disruption has stopped traffic.

Protesters who gathered Saturday in Sham Shui Poin, Prince Edward and Mong Kok on Saturday were “participating in an unauthorized assembly,” the government said.

The government said banks were also vandalized and demonstrators were wearing banned masks.

“The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government strongly condemns the rioters’ acts which breached the public peace and jeopardized public safety, and appeals to members of the public to dissociate themselves from the rioters and work together with government to restore public order,” the statement said.

What’s worse is the realization that the police in pretty much every single country are absolutely worthless and useless and only ever attack people who they can get away with attacking, i.e., the weak and powerless.

If a terrorist street firebombing movement with media support and CIA black budget money materializes, all of a sudden the velvet gloves come out and we get 3 months of Hong Kong-related entertainment as a bunch of skinny-fat brats bring the city to a screeching halt.

Usually, the playbook goes a little something like this:

  1. Lay the groundwork and infrastructure ahead of time with the help of NGOs and other front groups that gather members for whatever fake and gay Globo-Homo cause that they’re pushing
  2. Wait for an incident to occur to use as a catalyst for protests
  3. Get the Western media to shine a spotlight on protests and provide favorable coverage
  4. Escalate the situation!
  5. Trigger an overreaction from low-IQ police thugs
  6. Create martyrs
  7. Wait for US Senators to start sending aid, support, weapons
  8. Launch armed coup d’état
  9. Fail and throw country headlong into civil war

Hong Kong is somewhere in the middle of that process.

Hopefully people get bored and go home before it gets worse.