Hong Kong Continue to Riot in Stupid Western-Backed Hoax Protests

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2019

Maybe as part of the deal in Osaka, Donald Trump should have agreed to tell Mike Pomfatso to call off these State Department-backed fake color revolution protests in Hong Kong?

The Guardian:

The Chinese government has issued a strong condemnation of protesters who stormed and vandalised the Hong Kong’s legislature late on Monday, calling the act “totally intolerable”.

In a statement carried by the state-run Xinhua news agency, the Chinese government’s liaison office in Hong Kong, its top representative organisation in the city, said it was “shocked, indignant and strongly condemned” the siege of the parliament building, which followed a day of protests against a controversial extradition bill late Monday.

“Some extreme elements used excessive violence to storm the legislature building and carried out a series of large-scale assaults. This is shocking, heart-breaking and angering,” the statement said. “Their violent acts are an extreme challenge to Hong Kong’s rule of law and seriously undermined Hong Kong’s peace and stability. It is totally intolerable.”

The statement said the China liaison office backed the Hong Kong authorities to investigate the violent acts to safeguard Hong Kong’s law and order.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, or China’s cabinet, issued a similarly-worded statement of condemnation, vowing to support the Hong Kong authorities in investigating the “violent offenders’ criminal responsibility.”

The statement said 1 July, the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover of sovereignty from British to Chinese rule, should have been a “joyous day” but some “extreme radicals” use the extradition bill as a pretext to storm the legislature.

“These serious illegal actions trampled on Hong Kong’s rule of law and damaged Hong Kong’s social order,” the statement said. “It is a blatant challenge to the bottom line of the ‘One Country Two Systems’ formula. We strongly condemn this.”

Tensions over the weeks-long movement against the bill escalated on Monday, and Hong Kong police fired tear gas early on Tuesday to disperse hundreds of defiant protesters who had occupied the city’s legislature – spraying graffiti and raising the old colonial flag – on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s 1997 return to Chinese rule.

The president of the Legislative Council said repairs to the “extensively damaged” complex were “expected to take a long time.” He added that over the next two weeks meetings of the council would not be held as scheduled.

Can you even imagine that the Jews and fat people who run the US government talk about “Russian election meddling” because of $20,000 worth of Facebook ads that were maybe bought from a Russian IP address (still no evidence of that, but that is their claim; they don’t claim to have any evidence the Russian government was involved, they just assume that and assert it baselessly)? While they are literally sending in agents to try to throw violent revolutions in every country on earth that has refused to bend the knee?

It isn’t a secret. The United States invites people from Hong Kong – or anywhere else – to attend Georgetown and other such CIA-oriented schools, and they literally train these people to go back and throw revolutions. They have all of these organizations set up across the globe for the purpose of fomenting revolution.

This extradition law was just a silly pretext. The extradition issue has been ongoing.

But just as Jews like Chuck Schumer are telling Donald Trump to stick it to China, just as there are these executive orders that amount to actual warfare (the banning of Huawei from using Android, in particular), all of a sudden there’s a revolution in Hong Kong, demanding whatever vague “human rights” gibberish.

They have had a Western-backed coup movement in Hong Kong since 2014, with this “Umbrella” thing.

This phenomenon has been investigated and it is all Western-educated Chinese harassing the Chinese government for no clear purpose.

In 2014, there were “solidarity” protests in a bunch of Western cities. There were several thousand people protesting outside of the Chinese embassy in London.

What the hell do people think when they see things like this? For what reason would the British care about the obscure details of Chinese law?

The 2014 Umbrella riots were managed by Joshua WongNathan LawAlex Chow – all three of them English-speaking Chinese, educated at Western-backed universities in Hong Kong. The homosexual anti-communist Cuban spy Marco Rubio nominated them for a Nobel Peace Prize for starting anti-government riots.

The current situation in Hong Kong is just a continuation of this Umbrella thing. It is a hoax by the US State Department to harass the Chinese with meaningless bullshit about human rights.

The US has been doing these sorts of dirty deeds since the end of WWII. But this whole “Russian meddling” hoax that the government and media are promoting nonstop just makes it so very much more offensive.

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