Honest and Unbiased Pfizer Staff Reveal Infants Will Need Three Shots of Their Vax

Infants up through five year olds will now require three doses of the safe and effective coronavirus vaccine in order to prevent them from dying of the deadly virus, according to extremely intelligent and unbiased experts from Pfizer.

Why would they lie?

This is no different than when experts from McDonald’s realized that their recommended two Big Macs for dinner were resulting in people remaining hungry, and began recommending three Big Macs per meal as a result of The Science.

Now, no one is hungry anymore.

Just so, all of these babies will soon stop dying from the deadly coronavirus.

If we want to save the millions of babies that are dying from the Omicron variant, we have to stop the spread of disinformation from people asking if it is really necessary to inject infants with three shots of this Pfizer mRNA vaccine.