Homosexual Song: “We’re Coming for Your Children” (We are Defeated – But There Shall be No Surrender)

I said before the 2020 election that if Donald Trump lost, the jig would be up, and Christians would have no choice but to simply escape the BEAST system and try to survive.

I haven’t really totally explicated that in a proper series of articles, as I’m not sure that people are really ready to hear it. But I do believe this to be an absolute fact: we lost.

The only thing anyone can do now is run and try to survive.

I have not seen anything more evident of the fact that we are conquered and defeated that this video of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus singing “we are coming for your children.”

Just click it. Watch the first 30 seconds or so.

This is an army of homosexual men saying “we are going to come and fuck the assholes of your little boys.”

That means we lost.

I started this website in 2013, eight years ago, when there was still a tiny chance that we were going to be able to turn things around. There is no longer any chance of that. We are completely defeated. We are living under total occupation, with the occupying forces having total power.

The rainbow flag is the symbol of this occupation.

Remember that the city of Sodom, which was completely lost to God’s Grace, was largely defined by rampant homosexuality. Just so, this modern satanic system is defined by that. If you look at any form of satanism, you’ll find that they are obsessed with anal sex, and with performing sexual acts on children. It’s exactly what you’re seeing now.

Here’s the core implication of the fact that we’ve lost: any attempt to gain back control of America is a waste of time and energy. It simply is not happening. Therefore, attempting to fight these people on CRT or anal in the classroom is a complete waste of time.

Trying to take back your children’s classroom is about as worthwhile as trying to reclaim Wi Spa.

Just so, anything to do with Donald Trump’s joke 2024 campaign is a waste of time.

Things that are not a waste of time include:

  • Fleeing these cities
  • Getting involved with local politics
  • Pushing for secession in red states
  • Getting yourself to the point where you can live in peace and protect your family
  • Avoid the vaxx
  • Learn skills that are helpful in an apocalypse (shooting, farming, gun and vehicle maintenance, ammo manufacturing)
  • Pray
  • Repent
  • Just stay alive

We lost, but this system that beat us is unsustainable, and isn’t going to last very long.

There will not be a surrender. We need a strategic retreat.

It’s going to get much, much worse before it gets any better, but it is not going to last forever. The current elite is so decadent, so depraved, so disconnected from reality, and is stretching itself so thin, that this cannot possibly go on forever. This vision of a future technological dystopia will never fully come to fruition, but the time between now and the collapse is going to get very brutal.

Look up all of the nightmare situations described under the reign of the Bolsheviks, and realize this: that is all going to happen. And much worse.

These people are the embodiment of Satan, and therefore they are capable of manufacturing horrors that you are incapable of even imagining. They are already mutilating the genitals of children – and you have accustomed yourself to that new reality.

Frankly, it looks right now like they’re trying to shut off the grid using these fake hacker attacks and cut off the food supply and create mass hunger and probably starvation.

They are saying “you will own nothing and be happy,” and what that clearly means is that you will be grateful to simply have basic physical safety, a pod to live in, and bugs to eat – after having been through a nightmare of mass violence, homelessness and starvation.

They are saying that you will experience this by 2030. What that means is that they are planning to use the next 9 years to prepare you for this hell they have envisioned.

It is possible and maybe probable that this whole thing will collapse before 2030, but the actual collapse is going to be hellish, with roving cannibal rape gangs and the whole thing. Full apocalypse.

Even after the total collapse, it will take a generation, at least, to get things back to some semblance of peace.

Even if the West loses a war to the Chinese, the Chinese will not bother trying to send peacekeepers to manage the multicultural cannibal hell we’ve allowed to emerge until things clear up some. Chinese might send in the military to grab resources and disable/destroy weapons systems, but they’re not going to expend resources that will already be stretched thin to fix a country that has been completely destroyed, as there will be no direct benefit to them until the chaos subsides.

After White Christian farmers eliminate the cannibal gangs and establish some kind of order, Chinese merchants will probably start setting up trading posts on the coasts – in places that are not totally irradiated from the bombs.

If Russia survives, they would probably be more likely to send in peacekeepers after they sort out their own issues, as Russians have typically tried to absorb white people into their empire (whereas the Chinese have no interest in this), and they might see it as beneficial to set up outposts in a burned-out America and start trying to get things running again.

It could also be that China and Russia are mostly destroyed as well during the war.

Whatever happens: your single best bet is to be embedded in a small community outside of the cities, which is capable of declaring independence from the feds, and also capable of being defended from cannibal rape gangs.

If you’ve seen the baying hordes of BLM protests, you know what the cannibal gangs will look like. Just subtract the soy whites, as they will be eaten first.

In the best case scenario, these people never end up starting WWIII, and states and territories start to secede.

Bottom line: this stuff about how we’re going to hold America together is absolutely delusional and actually insane. I have had mentally retarded readers claim that “we are going to save California” and it is “cucked” to not claim that all of America will soon be conquered in the name of the Aryan race. If you are this stupid, you will find yourself in a gulag sooner than later. You have to move, and you have to do it now. Door-to-door vaxx is coming very soon, and they will simply arrest you and take you to a reeducation camp.

There is nothing noble about going down with the ship. The ship is filled with homosexuals who are saying they’re going to come fuck the assholes of your little sons. If we look at the Bible, it is repeatedly made clear that when a city becomes abandoned by God, as American cities have been, your duty is simply to run and not look back.

Everyone who leaves an American city and visits a small town says the same thing: “this is like a completely different country!” That is true. Anywhere outside of these cities is a refuge. Maybe they will come for you, and you will fight, or maybe they will be too busy trying to manage the people in the cities to ever come for you, and you will be prepared to barricade your area and mow down the cannibals after the collapse.

This is going to happen fast.

The good news is: all you young guys with no gfs will be able to breed in an apocalypse situation, as long as you are strong and fit. Literally: “maybe in the apocalypse I will finally get laid” is true.

For those of you who already have families: your wife won’t be able to divorce rape you in the apocalypse.

There are other upsides of the apocalypse, obviously, as all of this faggot and multiculture stuff will be cleansed with fire. But this cannot be sugarcoated. It is going to be hell on earth and most people will die.

Let the dead bury the dead and run.

Remember the prime directive: just stay alive.

The most important thing in trying to stay alive is this: consider this an adventure and try to have fun.

If you don’t do that, you will be consumed with dread, and you will die.

Eat, drink, and be merry, every chance you get, lest this darkness swallow your own soul.