Homosexual Neocon Sadist Paul Joseph Watson Celebrates Trump Protecting a Mexican Restaurant

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020

Sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson pictured with Hong Kong antifa. Watson traveled to Hong Kong in 2019 to promote leftist violence.

Sadistic homosexual neoconservative Paul Joseph Watson is presumably getting paid by the State Department to promote a Nu-MAGA agenda involving war, homosexuality and stopping socialism.

Watson is considered to be effective at taking fun memes from 4chan and repurposing them for promoting neoconservative programs on his pro-war, anti-racist website “summit.news.”

However, the propaganda he produces simply demonstrates how stupid the entire Nu-MAGA agenda is.

For example, when you see that Donald Trump is shilling for a Mexican restaurant that was harassed by leftists, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

The first thought that comes to my mind is: “what about all those white Trump supporters that Donald Trump consistently refused to even acknowledge the existence of after they were attacked by leftists?”

The homosexual Watson explains that these are LEGAL immigrants who love Trump and that LIBERAL RACISTS have called them mean names.

Won't be Intimidated! TRUMP 2020

What happened to us in 2016 is happening now. We have the right to support the president and no one can intimidate us. Watch us standing right behind him at his Phoenix ralley here, https://youtu.be/6C0mt8sa8Rw

Gepostet von Sammy's Mexican Grill am Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2020

Watson celebrates the fact that Donald Trump has given the restaurant a good review on Twitter.

I am not a believer in the idea that there is a difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, nor do I believe that liberals are secretly racists who hate Mexicans. In fact, I view someone making these claims as committing an act of psychological warfare against me, as I don’t think that any person genuinely believes these things, and only says them to try to confuse other people.

However, I am not bothered by the fact that some Mexicans support Trump or that Trump is nice to the Mexicans that support him. That can happen without pushing “legal immigration” hoaxes or saying that Democrats secretly hate Mexicans.

The problem is that there have been so, so many white people who have suffered as a result of supporting Donald Trump, and Donald Trump has done nothing to help any of them.

Immediately, I think of the Proud Boys. This was a very standard pro-Trump MAGA group. Several of their members attended a pro-Trump event in New York City, and when they left they were stalked by antifa who were throwing objects at them. When they defended themselves, they were charged with “attempted assault,” because the antifa members wouldn’t press charges for assault and without a victim they could only press charges on the attempt.

We also know of many others Trump has refused to defend. Alex Jones has had his entire business destroyed for promoting Donald Trump. He has been censored on every platform, and is being sued by many Jews. I am able to understand that Trump won’t defend Daily Stormer, because of the optics. But Trump thought the optics of Infowars were good enough that he appeared on the show.

And surely, Alex deserves his support more than a random Mexican shop?

Alex convinced millions of people to vote for Donald Trump. What did these Mexicans do?

The vile nonsense coming from the homosexual shill Watson causes rage inside me, but I believe that his attempts to directly appeal to the MAGA crowd with edgy may-mays he lifts from 4chan and repurposes to promote Jewish wars and racism conspiracy theories ultimately just makes this dumb Nu-MAGA agenda look stupid.

Also, his stupid face on his magic pills ad makes him look stupid.

Seriously – why would you post a picture like that on the internet?

He looks like a Gremlin from Gremlins.

He would make a good ironic tattoo.

I’m just joking, kids.

Don’t get an ironic tattoo of Paul Joseph Watson’s face.

Tattoos are dumb, whether ironic or sincere, and basically, irony has gotten so central to people’s identities that the irony itself is sincere, which creates the ultimate paradox.