Homo Apple CEO Tim Cook Receives Massive Raise After Running Company Into the Ground

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2017

I’d be laughing too if I was paid 12 million dollars to be a faggot and drive companies into the ground.

As we recently reported, Apple’s iPhone X sales have been lagging behind expectations significantly. Given that this is their current flagship product and model for future iterations of the iPhone line, that doesn’t bode very well.

More importantly, considering the general stagnation of the smartphone industry in the developed world, where pretty much everyone has a smartphone that does everything they need already, you’d think Apple would be moving towards new avenues for making hip gadgets.

But instead, they’re getting left completely in the dust as the other major tech companies move into AI platforms (like Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, etc.), which are generally expected to be the next major transformation of the IT industry.

Smartphones revolutionized how people used computers, by transforming the services that companies offer from a web-based platform to an app-based platform. Now, companies are going to hook their services into AI’s like Alexa so that people can buy their product or use their services through voice commands, and later through automated AI decisions.

Once people order their groceries by saying “Alexa, I’m out of butter and milk,” whatever companies are using Alexa to sell their food are going to make a lot of money. And obviously, Amazon will be making even more of that money.

Once the AI is connected to your “smart fridge” or whatever, it’ll just order stuff for you without prompting, as you run out. Most people will go along with that, because it’ll be easier and more convenient, and masses of people always go with what’s most convenient.

Considering the astounding amounts of power and money at stake here, and considering that Apple actually has a respectable if outdated AI system already (Siri), you’d think they’d be scrambling like mad to get at the front of the pack.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Instead of making a new version of Siri, which could potentially make them infinite amounts of money if they win this AI marketshare competition, they’re fucking around making new iPhone models nobody wants.

All of this, under the direction of the homosexual affirmative action hire Tim Cook.

And instead of firing his faggot ass, they’re giving him a raise!

Wall Street Journal:

A year after delivering an unusual pay cut, Apple Inc. gave Chief Executive Tim Cook and other top executives a big boost in compensation for fiscal-year 2017 as the company exceeded annual sales and profit goals, according to a security filing on Wednesday.

Apple is making profits?


Meanwhile, Amazon is reinvesting all of it’s revenue into R&D, price cuts for consumers and generally doing everything they can to take over the world. They haven’t earned a real “profit” in like a decade.

Are the people at Apple retarded? There’s a mad scramble to be the first company to come up with consumer AI, self-driving cars and a host of other vital technologies just on the edge of being commercially viable. The first to make it to the finish line on these techs will have a massive advantage.

Yet Apple is wasting their time and money on “borderless screens” and “face unlock,” which nobody even cares about. And they’re spending their precious resources giving shareholders welfare checks instead of investing in the future of the company.

Mr. Cook’s total compensation for the fiscal year, which ended in September, jumped 47%—to $12.8 million—the largest bump among the five executives listed in Apple’s annual proxy filing. Mr. Cook’s pay increase was driven by his cash bonus, which was hinged on exceeding the revenue and profit targets set by the board.

Apple’s sales improved in fiscal 2017 on strong demand for newer devices, including the iPhone 7, the MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro. The company also benefited from another year of more than 20% sales growth from its services business, which includes iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay and App Store sales.

At this point, these products were sold purely on hype. The iPhone 7 had no meaningful new features – and they actually took away the freaking earphone jack.

The MacBook Pro was a steaming pile of shit.

And who the hell needs a really powerful tablet? People just play games, watch videos and browse the web on these things. Any 200$ tablet does it all perfectly well.

If the products are selling well, it’s due to momentum alone.

Meanwhile, even Microsoft, of all people, are coming out with products that are more innovative than Apple.

Revenue for fiscal 2017 totaled $229.2 billion, while operating income hit $61.3 billion, surpassing Apple’s targets of $225.2 billion for sales and $57.9 billion for operating income. Still, revenue remained below the record high set in Apple’s fiscal 2015.

Apple’s slump in 2016 took a bite out of the total compensation of Mr. Cook and the rest of the executive team. His compensation fell 15%—all in reduced cash bonus—as Apple failed to meet financial goals because of a sharp decline in iPhone sales and a major downturn in the company’s China business.

They compensated for their dwindling sales by releasing a whole bunch of crap. But now people are starting to get burned out on buying stuff that does exactly the same thing, while looking exactly the same as their previous gadgets. It’s one thing to make the “Rolex” of phones – but good luck getting everyone to buy a new Rolex every year to keep your tech company afloat.

Apple needs to ditch their homo CEO as fast as possible and put in someone who can actually take the company where it need to be to stay relevant against Google, Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft.