Homeland Security Giving Millions to Private Jewish Groups to Fight “White Supremacy”

For four months, white supremacists have been rioting and burning down cities.

Finally, the federal government is ready to do something about it.

They’re granting millions in taxpayer dollars to private companies run by Jews determined to end white supremacy.

Washington Examiner:

The Department of Homeland Security will grant millions of dollars in funding to outside organizations focused on combating far-right extremism and white supremacy.

The department’s program, called Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention, agreed to provide $10 million in grants to organizations including Life After Hate, which was founded by reformed white supremacists and helps people trying to leave the far right, the School of Communication at American University to develop a strategy for combating disinformation circulated by the far right online, and others, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A Homeland Security spokesman said the funding is meant to help prevent “violent white supremacy alongside a number of recognized and emergent forms of terrorism and targeted violence.”

The issue of white supremacy has made waves in recent weeks following comments from FBI Director Christopher Wray as well as President Trump.

Wray, in testimony in front of the House Homeland Security Committee in September, warned that the majority of people who commit deadly or violent incidents against others in 2018 and 2019 have been racially and ethnically motivated. He also said such attacks are “the most lethal of all domestic extremists since 2001.”

Wray’s comments stand in contrast to those from the president, who earlier this week at the presidential debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden downplayed the threat of right-wing violence and hyped up the threat of left-wing violence.

This is of course totally normal, to give private contracts to privately owned political groups to engage in law enforcement activities.

We have to understand that the white supremacists have been rioting and starting fires in the streets for months now. They’ve been fighting the cops, they’ve been trying to burn down federal buildings.

We have to take strong action, and the most logical thing is to deputize Jewish activist groups.

The people of this country must learn once and for all: God only chose one people, and it sure as heck ain’t whites.