Homeland Security Asks 8chan Owner Jim Watkins to Fly from the Philippines to Testify Before Their Sanhedrin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2019

Homeland Security is now trying to bully “Gentleman Jim” Watkins.

They are “requesting” that he appear before a panel, in the same way the Combine “requests” that you pick up the can.

This is simply intended to menace.

I don’t think he should go.

But if he doesn’t, he will forever have “refused a request to appear before Homeland Security” attached to his name.

There is absolutely zero to talk about. He runs a website that is one of the only places left online with free speech, and sometimes people post manifestos there before they go on shooting sprees. It’s unfortunate that people go on shooting sprees, but websites do not cause that to happen. People have free will. And if someone read these manifestos instead of calling for them to be banned, they would see that the shooters are doing this because of the failure of the multicultural project. It is hard to find anyone who legitimately believes the multicultural project is actually working, so the solution to the problems of multiculturalism has been to simply ban all discussion of it.

Of course that is going to result in some amount of violence. That is simply an unavoidable fact. You cannot forcibly subject an entire population to a malicious “experiment” and expect that not one of them will take up arms.

As far as the site “radicalizing” people – it actually is likely to do the opposite. Giving people a way to vent their frustrations with words rather than bullets is a good thing.

But yes, there are people on the internet who genuinely believe that the solution to the multicultural project is mass terrorism. That is a fact. And most of them are on 8chan, probably, because they’ve been kicked off of everything else. So yes, when you ban freedom of speech on every mainstream platform, it does create a situation where a bunch of people obsessed with terrorism congregate with people who might not have been thinking that way before they ended up on the site.

If people were allowed to vent their frustrations on mainstream sites like Twitter and Facebook, you wouldn’t have everyone who dares to disagree with the multicultural project congregated in a place with extreme elements, and thus you would largely be able to prevent that kind of thinking from spreading.

I have been a voice that has spoken out actively against the idea that terrorism could ever actually offer a solution to the multicultural problem. I have been adamantly against these types of actions. And yet, the Jews have put massive amounts of energy into trying to ensure that my voice is silenced.

All of this is to say that the problem of White Nationalist mass shooters doesn’t have a secret origin story that you are going to be able to uncover by interviewing Gentleman Jim. It has an obvious origin, which we can see plainly. These shooters are caused not only by the multicultural project but by the multicultural project combined with the decision to never allow any input from the public on the issue of the multicultural project.

Stopping the multicultural project would stop the shootings. And most likely, allowing the public to state their opinions on the multicultural project on mainstream platforms would stop the shootings (this only became a regular occurrence after the clampdown on free speech online). However, allowing the public to state their opinions on the multicultural project would very possibly result in the end of the multicultural project.

And it appears that wiping out the White race through mass immigration by very high-fertility nonwhites is too important to the Jews who control our society to put it at risk by allowing people to give their input on the topic. So, you are just going to have to deal with White terrorists, I guess. I definitely do not see this phenomenon going away unless something other than 8chan changes.

Sadly, it also appears that the authorities themselves, working with the Jewish-owned tech companies, are attempting to increase the frequency of these events, because it allows them to push their “evil White people” narrative further.

One thing is for certain: this is all going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

These people keep talking about gun control, which is impossible anyway. But imagine what it’s going to look like when White Nationalist terrorists start using bombs. And they will. This whole “shoot random people in a public space” thing is not going to go on forever. The phenomenon is going to evolve. And people are going to start trying to do more than one attack, and you can’t use guns for that. For that, people use bombs. Often carbombs.

It’s all very unfortunate.

I wish things could have been different.