Homeland Report: Return to Hungary

Radio Aryan
September 5, 2016


Our Hungarian Nationalist from an earlier Homeland Report is back to talk some more about his country and the internal issues which are effecting it. Starting with the News that Obama’s TTIP initiative has fallen through, he explains the economic situation in Hungary and how Viktor Orban has been enriching his friends at the nation’s expense. Although Orban may appear to support nationalist principles, the reality in Hungary is very different.

Hungary receives a lot of money from the EU for development and this has enabled Orban and his cronies to become very rich. The migrant invasion has been very useful for him, as he has been able to distract people with their crimes, so that they do not notice his own. He recently changed the constitution to enable his party to stay in power for 12 years and even Jobbik have now lessened their previous Nationalist stance. In April a letter was released by the Roma gypsy community confirming that Orban is a gypsy, clearing up any confusion over whether he was part Jewish.

After covering the internal politics of Hungary, Berg talks a bit about Russia and what the general feeling towards Putin is. The Hungarians know that the USSR was a Jewish enterprise and they do see the new Russia as being different and there is a lot of support for Putin’s Nationalist policies, however there is still a hint of imperialism to Putin’s rhetoric and Berg uses a couple of quotes to show this before explaining that although Russia is nationalist, it does contain many different nationalities.

Where Hungary used to just have a Jewish problem, it now also has an Arab problem with rich Moslems buying up expensive hotels at knock down prices. Orban has also been selling off vast parcels of arable land behind closed doors to Israeli farm conglomerates, which will mean small Hungarian farmers now having to work for the Jews. The Catholic church used to have a good policy on how to deal with situations like this where the Jews are taking advantage of the native population and Berg elaborates on this with the help of quotes from St Thomas Aquinas.

Finally he tells us about Zsolt Bayer, a politically incorrect journalist who was recently given an award by Orban. This caused many Jews to return their own medals as they did not want to be in the same company as this supposedly notorious anti-Semite. Berg explains that the author is not really that anti-Jewish and is far more anti-gypsy than anything else.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Reichenberg

Homeland Report: Return to Hungary – HR 090516

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