Homeland Report: Hungary

Radio Aryan
February 10, 2016

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The Homeland Report will be a new series of podcasts, interviewing nationalists from various countries talking about their love for their homelands and how they are resisting the White Genocide agenda.

In this first one, a Hungarian Nationalist explains how his country is coping with the rapefugee invasion, how this refuse from the third world is only interested in what it can loot and plunder from the people that they pass through. None of the asylum seekers that arrived in Hungary had any intentions of actually seeking asylum there, they were not fleeing from war but were just looking for a free ride to get to the wealthier Nordic areas of Europe.

The Hungarian people were well aware of this and unlike in Western Europe, there were no gullible metrosexuals cheering and waving welcome signs at the sight of the hordes. Viktor Orban acted to defend his country from them straight away and built his famous fence, which has proved to be successful at keeping the free-loading Arabs out. However Orban is no nationalist and has been working to install a neo-feudal system in Hungary, where only his cronies have access to state monopolies on things like tobacco, which can now only be sold in designated shops, all owned by members of his clique.

Hungary was a part of the USSR and when the iron curtain fell, instead of there being a change in the personnel in authority they remained the same, they just claimed to have changed their ideology. Our Hungarian nationalist talks about the failed uprising against communism in the fifties, how every single Hungarian was behind that revolution, yet the West failed to help them. He talks about how Hungary was allied with Germany during the war and how they had their own NS movement, the Arrow Cross.

Hungary was also subjected to Ottoman slavery, yet most refused to submit to Islam, with Hungarians seeing themselves as Hungarians first, Christians second and White people third. Austria helped the nation to throw of the Mohammedans, but in return they had to be subjected to Habsburg rule. This was nothing compared to the Ottomans or the Communists though, who even went so far as to hijack the church and start their own version of it, the peace priests. The traitors of the Communist era have never yet been fully exposed to the public and this is something that the Jobbik party have been calling for.

Sadly many of the higher skilled Hungarians have been leaving their homeland for the trinkets and baubles found in the West of Europe. But at least the country remains 90% White, as due to the average income being low, Blacks and non-Whites have not been interested in moving there. The main racial problem is with gypsies, but this situation is being dealt with by forcing them to work for their benefits. It is hoped that if Jobbik manage to get elected, then the economy will be reformed along nationalist principles and those Hungarians who have left will come back, as there is a strong sense of patriotic pride in their hearts.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and a Hungarian Nationalist

Homeland Report: Hungary

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