The Truth About Stefan Molyneux’s Talking Points

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2018

Let’s dive right in. Molymeme gets up there and makes some really shitty arguments. I mean, I’m sure that they were mostly factually accurate, but it came off as arrogant, condescending and egg-headed.

He actually spends an entire half an hour making fun of Aborigines’ native beliefs, which… shit, even I wouldn’t do that. I would never mock a people’s attempt to grapple with the meaning of life and the nature of the world. And I’m not the only one. White people naturally respect that kind of shit – even in other cultures.

I can’t even tell you many details about what he talked about for the first 30 minutes because my eyes rolled so far back into my head hearing this basic bitch, “lol u believe in spaghetti monster” shit that I passed out and only came to when he started talking about in-group preferences much later in the video.

In fact, for awhile, I thought that it was a TED talk because of the black t-shirt, bad jokes, unbridled smugness and vicious atheism being spewed onstage. Yes, Molymeme basically sucks off “I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE” for a solid half an hour and mocks the natives for talking about the origins of the sun and not figuring out what the sun actually is – giant sphere of gas and nuclear fusion.

Doesn’t really come off as nuanced and intelligent. It comes off as incredibly basic bitch, so much so that I think that even normies are like, “damn bruh, chill out with that.”

Also, listening to Molymeme, you would leave thinking that Galileo was killed or tortured by the church because he was smart and that everything before SCIENCE! came on the scene some gloomy hellscape where smart people and free market enthusiasts like Molymeme – who was clearly bullied as a child holy shit, the self-insertion is so transparent – were stoned to death.

Then he says that because Whites invented SCIENCE! and stopped stoning smart people to death and abolished slavery, that we have a right to not hate ourselves.

That’s Molyneux’s big argument. His big philosophical contribution to the 21st century.

Things rapidly improve at about the half hour mark where Molyneux starts demanding that we stop feeding Africans and giving them smartphones.

….aaaaaaaaaaand then he ends up rambling about smallpox for another ten minutes. Making the claim that because they killed their smart people they didn’t have SCIENCE! and they ended up dying to smallpox. And that aborigines were killing each other in witch-wars.

I mean, I’m sure they did that. 

But making the claim that religion and superstition and myths are bad and that SCIENCE! is what makes us White people special because we’re individualistic and pro-free market and not collectivist is just so…

Well, frankly, Molyneux clearly just isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, and I’m just going to have to come to terms with that and stop being so surprised about it when I hear his monologues. Not everyone is smart enough to wrap their head around the concept of “White Pride.”

For the kids at home, remember this though: We’re much more than just atheistic, individualistic tinkerers and consumers. The SCIENCE! and atheism and individualism and capitalism shit is just what an egghead bugman would focus on. But that’s not what defines White people – no, not by a long shot.

And conflating White pride with Libertarian values is a blatant bait and switch.

Like, he even makes the claim that having ethnic pride makes you lazy and not innovative and that’s why he’s an individualist. It’s like, bro, Stefan, 99% of White people aren’t going to be inventing the next cutting edge sexting app, let them have some ethnic pride as a runner-up prize, holy shit.

But at the end, he turns it around by actually speaking well and deriding the Gibsmedat Industrial complex aimed at White people.

He urges the audience to remember that they’re not their ancestors and that they therefore aren’t to blame for the mistakes of their ancestors and that actually, their ancestors weren’t so bad.

I think that’s the final takeaway. 

Overall, if it were just that, I’d rate it a solid 6/10. The other cringe shit at the beginning though… gonna have to lower it down to a 4/10 because of that, sorry. Also, he was all over the place and seemed unprepared, plus he was clearly trying to drum up some White pride at times, only to stop himself and harp on individualism instead… which came off as disjointed and schizophrenic.

But the audience forgave him. 

Because it’s so rare to hear anyone say anything good about White people. So even Molyneux’s weird speech was taken well by an audience hungry for some sort of self-affirmation, any kind really.

But honestly, we need to get some better speakers out on the circuit. Someone needs to step up to the plate here and start spreading some basic White pride talking points. We don’t have a single good speaker out there.

I hope that this person will come up someday. A Thomas Paine-style agitator and public speaker.

There’ll be no straight arm salutes. No “Hail” anything. Just pro-White talking points. Just racial patriotism, plain and simple.

Based on what I’m seeing right now, I’ll probably never see such a person in my lifetime… but a man can dream, can’t he?