Holy Crusaders Confront MILO in Alabama!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2016


As the reader is aware, I have declared a HOLY CRUSADE against the kike subverter MILO.

I have received the following report from our HEROIC boys in Alabama.

The North Alabama Stormer Book Club successfully infiltrated the MILO rally that was held at The University of Alabama last night, but it wasn’t what we expected. MILO obviously knew we were coming because the whole student center he was in was locked down tighter than Fort Knox. The event security itself cost the university at least $7000, and we definitely noticed that with the dozens of campus guards with bodycams eyeing every move anyone made, the bomb-sniffing dog making its rounds, and the guarded checkpoint near the entrance. Take note of this: you must have a photo ID and ticket to enter the events. MILO himself, when he finally did appear almost an hour-and-a-half late, was escorted by two former Navy Seals. Also, there is usually a line for those people who didn’t get tickets, but I don’t think any of these people got in, as one of our members that didn’t have a ticket experienced.

We had that member hand out fliers and dissociate himself from our group, so we wouldn’t be pulled from the line over the content. However, one member of the local student Republican group identified us as being associated with him, and we very narrowly avoided being doxxed by playing them off as a joke. Once we were in, we had to sit through his grueling bullshit for an hour before the Q&A panel. During this time, everything Andrew has said was proven correct. MILO used all of our symbols, memes, and jokes such as Pepe, calling Turks “Turkroaches,” brought up Soros, etc. to tell basically the same story we tell about subjects like ICANN and UN except for a few major differences. He pushed degeneracy, Saudi Arabia, Russia China, and Turkey as THE major enemies of Western Civilization. and never once said the word Jew. I agreed with many things he said, as he basically word for word stole our branding and narrative, but I almost ripped threw a chair when he said he had lost his virginity in a drug-fueled orgy with five men, and the crowd of mostly “conservative” students cheered. THEY FUCKING CHEERED WHEN HE SAID THAT. So, not only did MILO successfully lead them away from the (((true reason the world is going to shit))), but he also got young Republicans to cheer for what is one of the most degenerate things I’ve ever heard in person.

I could not wait for the Q&A panel, but when it finally did come around, I was told to sit back down. MILO was only allowing a certain few to ask him questions, and even some of those who made it in time were later told to sit down. The questions asked were mostly meaningless, and one even featured a man bragging about dressing up as a gay sailor. One of those who did get a chance to ask a question conveniently asked MILO to define the alt-right. He replied with the typical answer of everyone who supports Trump, but also libertarians. He made sure to mention that the White Nationalist movement may have played a big part in the beginning, but that we weren’t the core of the Alt-Right.

After, not being able to ask in front of an audience, we waited until the photo ops to approach him. While pretending to take a picture with him, I asked him something like this “When will you be giving out the money you took for the White Privilege College Tuition Fund?” He cut me off and replied “Oh, I will be giving it out in grants during the tour. I dropped my shit on it, but I’m going through the processes now.” I countered with “Well, I heard on the most visited Alt-Right website DailyStormer.com that you stole it.” He clearly became unnerved when I said that and he replied with something like “No, I’m going through the processes. I dropped my shit on it, but we will be giving it out during the tour in the Spring.” We caught it on video, but they wouldn’t let us get our phones that close to him, so its hard to hear what was said in the video. I’ve currently got @aetratus working on trying to clean the audio up. At least our fliers made Skypebart’s16 news and we handed one to the local news as well. We got a mixed reaction, but I saw some people sharing them on social media thinking they were a joke, but that’s publicity and they might start asking questions, as some did in Skypebart’s comments section after seeing MILO in drag.

But, the takeaway from this is that MILO isn’t going to make this easy for us. Bring battery rechargers so you can record a long time and an audio recorder to get questions up close. Sit near the edge of rows to hurry to ask questions during the Q&A, and be prepared to have to do an impromptu interview with him. Get tickets through Eventbrite ASAP and show up super early.

We have to stop him. I’ve never been so sickened in my life to see such bright youth, on the precipice of joining our cause, cheering for a drug-fueled gay orgy. He will use our memes, he will steal our brand and name, and he will lead the vulnerable new flock of Alt-Righters to the edge of the moral cliff. Take this information and use it to take him down. Get out there, Stormers!

Hail Victory!


It appears he has gone full-SJW in fear of non-existent internet death threats.

Here’s a picture TEAM ALABAMA provided of a bomb-sniffing dog outside of his fag moblie.


Of course, none of us have ever threatened him, despite his Jew lies to the contrary.

In fact, I have made a point to tell people to be civil in their dealings with him, but to be direct and confront him verbally on his subversive kikery.

This just shows that however “right-wing” a Jew might claim to be, he remains nothing but a sniveling coward who will cry that he’s a victim whenever anyone objects to his diabolical Jew behavior.

It’s a very sad day to have right-wing youths cheering over a man “losing his virginity” by having a group of men masturbate in his anus.

This comes just days after MILO did this “art display” – bathing in pigs blood.


I guess he thinks this is edgy? Even though feminists pulled this same stunt fifty years ago?

This kike has become the embodiment of “TRYING TOO HARD.”

This is what you who have endorsed this kike have wrought.

We need these teams at every event.

Find the kike acronym’s schedule here, and get your SBC organized for the event.

If you’re not yet in an SBC –


I’ll be sure to have TEAM ALABAMA post the template for their excellent flier for future battles.