Holy Crusade: Alt-Right to Boycott Breitbart Until Milo is Removed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2016


In conjunction with our declared Crusade against the kike infiltrator and co-opter Milo Yiannopolous, I am hereby calling for a full boycott of Breitbart as long as he continues to work there.

I have previously viewed Breitbart as a type of ally, as they are the only mainstream site which is presenting a relatively far-right narrative. It matters to me that they stood up against the likes of Shapiro and Michelle Fields. It matters to me that they give honest coverage of the migrant crisis, as well as Black Lives Matter. Their support for Trump is important to me.

However, any positives this site has are completely negated by the damage that Milo is doing.

Milo is the number one enemy of our movement. He is attempting to destroy us, and Breitbart is enabling him.

From today, I am completely finished linking to Breitbart, at all. I am calling on all members of the Alt-Right to join me in this.

Don’t link to the site, ever, period. Don’t visit it, unless you are visiting specifically to spam attacks on Milo. If there is an important story that you feel you must link – and you can’t find another version of the story anywhere – use archive.is for the link.

If you see people linking to Breitbart, call them out on it. It is popular on Reddit, as well as the chans. If you see anyone giving a direct link, confront them and complain. Don’t upvote their links on Reddit. Even on a one-to-one level, spread the message – if someone sends you a Breitbart link, tell them you don’t click Breitbart links. If you see it on Facebook on Twitter, tell whoever posts it that you don’t agree with them supporting this site, which is doing so much to harm our movement.

The Alt-Right is a significant portion of their traffic. And we also rule so much of the internet, influencing less hardcore movements. If we stop participating with Breitbart, they are going to feel it. And they will have to decide whether or not it is worth it to them to lose traffic while spending huge amounts of money to promote Milo.

Spread the message: I encourage people to link or copy and paste this post, to spread it across the internet. This Milo problem is not a joke. We are looking at having so much of our work completely destroyed by this Jew if we don’t stand up and fight. This is an easy thing to do, and one which will be very effective in the long run:

Just say “no” to Breitbart.