Holocaust Researchers Come Up with Excuses for Not Finding Jewish Mass Graves

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2014

The Jews still cling to their Holocaust narrative regardless of anything that may alter or disprove it.

The Jewish Daily Forward recently wrote a brief article regarding the use of imaging technology to find mass graves of Jews whom the diabolical Nazi regime supposedly killed in a deliberate manner.

But the team of international researchers has provided some excuses as to why they have not been able to locate mass graves. There’s an old saying that goes, “Excuses are like Black people; they usually stink,” and these excuses certainly stink.

The first excuse: Jewish religious law will be violated if a digging for mass graves is administered.

Nobody has a clue what “religious law” would be violated here. What a weak excuse.

The second excuse: It is difficult to locate where these dead Jews are buried.

If there are allegedly thousands of Jews buried in the selected area, and if the researchers are using hi-tech imaging technology to locate bodies, there shouldn’t be much of an issue in finding them.

The third excuse: Eastern European construction projects have been built over mass graves.

If researchers haven’t been able to find mass graves in the first place, how on God’s green earth can they assert that construction has caused mass graves to be left unexplored? This is likely the weakest excuse of the three.

These excuses are conjured up merely because the Jews know that more people will begin to question their Holocaust narrative if they outright declare that this investigation yielded no results.

Nice try, Jews. We’re able to see through your baloney.