(((Hollywood))) Putting Out New Hoax Against David Irving

Daily Stormer
June 17, 2016


I guess Stephen Spielberg was busy with other stuff? Hard to make good Jew propaganda these days.

The power of Jews has always laid with their control over the narrative. This was accomplished by manipulating the entertainment media to produce all sorts of subversive Jew movies and TV shows. Initially, these (((Hollywood))) productions were well made and compelling, at least from an emotional perspective.

And now that hardcore fascism and Jew-hate is making an epic comeback, they have to make more.


Hollywood Reporter:

In Denial, Rachel Weisz stars as historian Deborah E. Lipstadt, who was accused of libel by writer David Irving when she called him a Holocaust denier.

Timothy Spall will star as Irving in the Mick Jackson-directed drama, which is based on the book History on Trial: My Day in Court With a Holocaust Denier, which was adapted by David Hare. Tom Wilkinson will also star as lawyer Richard Rampton.

These Jews are clearly losing their touch. This new flick looks both boring an stupid. Instead of making a movie about Nazis gunning down Jews and making them into lampshades, which would at least be interesting, they’re making this about a libel lawsuit in the UK. *Yawn*


Wake me up when it’s done guys

They really think people will line up by the millions to watch their snooze fest? Not by a long shot. Though they can always force high school kids to see it as “field trips.”

Really, I don’t like giving advice to these kikes, but this is starting to be a little pathetic. If they want to make watchable Nazi-bashing movies, they better take inspiration from Kung Fury:

Hell, even I’d watch another flick with kung-fu Hitler

Anyway, if there was any chance you’d have gone so see this steaming pile of cinema, let me spoil the story for you: the fast talking Jew wins the court case against the evil Nazi Brit.

It’s funny that the only time they can claim to base their movie on a “true story” is when the story has nothing to do with the holocaust itself.


Deborah Lipstadt was gassed right here in this church. Several times. It’s in her book I guess lol