Hollywood Jew Seth Green Accused of Pedophilia by Hollywood Jew Isaac Kappy

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2018


Well, this is an interesting situation which bears commenting on.

Isaac Kappy is a third rate Jewish Hollywood actor which has played minor roles in a bunch of mainstream films. If you don’t recognize him, you’re not alone.

He’s just accused Seth Green, a fairly big kike figure, of being some kind of pedo.

Now, I wouldn’t take this very seriously. Not that its unbelievable that Seth Green would be some kind of sex pervert – he’s a Jew, after all, and looks like this:

You don’t make those kinds of faces unless you’ve thoroughly experimented with the diversity of what genitalia have to offer.

But the thing is, Kappy is packaging his schtick along with a bunch of goofy crap.


He retweeted UFO stuff…

He’s also browsing 4chan and adopted our terminology (shoah’d).

He’s also retweeting Trump, Laura Loomer and other figures popular with the MAGA crowd.

So what’s going on, here?

The idea that Seth Green has a secret closet where he keeps children and then casually shows his house guests is pretty absurd, so it’s safe to say this didn’t happen.

But why is a Hollywood Jew making shit up about pedophiles in Tinseltown (obviously a very real phenomenon), whileย marketing himself to channers and MAGApedes?

There’s a few possibilities.

  1. He’s having some kind of nervous breakdown after reading too many 4chan conspiracy theories, and just makes a mess in some kind of psychotic Jew episode of drama-mongering.
  2. He’s lashing out against Seth Green in a calculated way because of some kind of grudge or to ride the #Pedogate and #Metoo wave to boost his fame with normies.
  3. He’s doing this to discredit the rising Pedogate by mixing it up with a bunch of goofy fake nonsense.

Pedophilia in Hollywood is definitely a real thing, and it’s something which could deal a massive blow to world Jewry. They have every reason to attack this burgeoning rise in gentile consciousness with everything they have.

Moreover, in the current climate of political correctness and #MeToo-ism, it’s basically impossible to defend yourself against accusations of sexual misconduct by flatly denying them and attacking the accuser.

So an indirect approach is necessary. Flooding these tubes with fake testimonies and spurious accusations would effectively make it impossible to figure out where the real evidence lay, and would discredit the whole endeavor.

Expect more of these kinds of insane “leaking Jews,” and exercise utmost skepticism.