Hollow-Eyed Psaki Says No Sanctions for Saudi Prince for Chopping Up Nerd Journalist



The White House on Sunday defended its decision to not target Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after a U.S. intelligence report linked the royal to the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“Historically and even in recent history, Democratic and Republican administrations, there have not been sanctions put in place for the leaders of foreign governments where we have diplomatic relations and even where we don’t have diplomatic relations,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

The interviewer, Dana Bash, who is Jewish, did not bring up the fact that multiple foreign leaders are currently under sanction, including the leader of Iran, who never kidnapped and chopped up a Washington Post journalist at an embassy in Turkey, or chopped up any journalist at all at any embassy.

“We believe there are more effective ways to make sure that this doesn’t happen again and also to leave room to work with the Saudis on areas where there is mutual agreement,” Psaki said.

“That is what diplomacy looks like. That is what a complicated global engagement looks like and we’ve made no secret and have been clear that we are going to hold them accountable on the global stage,” Psaki said, adding that the administration took steps through the Treasury and State Department.

When he was running for president, Joe Biden said he would hold senior Saudi leaders accountable for Khashoggi’s death, calling the kingdom’s leadership a “pariah” that had “very little social redeeming value.”

No one likes the Saudis, naturally.

The average Democrat voter doesn’t understand that they are the great ally of Israel, and therefore get special privileges.

The whole thing was framed as being more evil by Donald Trump. Jeff Bezos actually wrote an article about how it was Trump’s fault that the Saudi Prince tried to blackmail him with nudes (which he did after hacking his phone). That was a really weird story. Jeff Bezos, we learned, is a horrible writer (which I found somewhat surprising, actually).

Anyway, Trump couldn’t do anything to break ties with Saudi Arabia for the same reason Biden can’t do anything to break ties with Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is the key to the Israeli plan to form a “Middle East Union,” based on the European Union, which will actually be what they’ve described as “Greater Israel.” Prince Salman is the man for the job, but is regrettably unhinged and can’t deal with some nerd writing mean stuff about him, and thinks he’s the king of the world.

Hacking Jeff Bezos’ phone (using software he bought from Israelis, by the way) was actually worse than killing a journalist. You can see how chopping up a journalist may be deemed necessary, but cellphones are intimate and should be protected. The idea that the richest man on earth can have his nudes compromised is terrifying.

To be fair, however, if Salman really wanted Khashoggi dead, he could have just had a crate of donuts delivered to his house every day, and he’d have gone into a diabetic coma within a week.

What a dumb, fat nerd.

The thing about bullying a nerd this aggressively was that it gives the nerd relevance beyond what he deserved.

By the way, Khashoggi was promoting the Brotherhood of Islam, lol. That just adds a whole other layer of weird onto this, no?

In a normal situation, not only would Saudi be sanctioned, Bezos would be brought in and questioned as to why he was promoting the Brotherhood of Islam in the first place. The hearings would of course open with Jerrold Nadler: “Sir, I was very sorry to hear about your nudes, and this is a travesty. Your TRT program seems to be working great though, and I found your form very impressive. Respectfully, I did not look at any photos where your penis was visible, although I can’t say I wasn’t tempted.”

It’s an incredible thing though, to have this Psaki woman on CNN saying “well, yes, he chopped up a journalist in an embassy and hacked Bezos’ nudes, but we think it’s normal to just let him do that without it affecting our diplomatic relations.”

I’m the number one person who says “what other countries do inside their country is none of our business,” but this guy was living in another allied country, Turkey, and was a former resident of the US, working for an American paper.

It seems like he should at least be asked to apologize to… the Moslem Brotherhood? Or no wait, he should apologize to the world for putting us through this strange ordeal. And Bezos should apologize to the world for promoting the Moslem Brotherhood. And so should the CIA. And Bezos should apologize for saying this was a Trump conspiracy. But yes, the National Enquirer (which is Jewish, run at the time by David Pecker), should apologize for blackmailing Bezos.