Holland: Jews Whine About Textbook Exposing Atrocities Against Palestinians During Creation of Israel

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2015

This shiksa better not be studying anti-Israel malarkey. Hopefully she's studying Holocaust history.
This shiksa better not be studying anti-Israel malarkey. Hopefully she’s studying Holocaust history.

The Israeli embassy in Holland is whining about “anti-Israel” history portrayed in a high school textbook.

For example, the textbook in question states that Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared the existence of the Israeli state after “Jewish militias carried out murders in Arab villages, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled and settled in refugee camps across the border.”

Times of Israel:

The book fails to mention Arab atrocities against pre-state Israel’s Jewish population or the invasion of several Arab armies into Israeli territory after its declaration of independence with the stated intention of destroying it.

“We are acting on the subject in several areas,” the embassy said. “We are looking into the outrageous statements to identify any factual inaccuracies and the possibility of incitement.”

The book also states that former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin is now known as a peacemaker, “which is noteworthy considering that much of his life he was known as a terrorist and extremist.”

The book also shows a picture of a Palestinian boy hurling a stone at an Israeli tank. “Small opposition against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories in 2000,” the caption reads. “Nine days after this picture was taken, this 13-year-old was shot dead while participating in a similar action.”

Jews will whine about anything, won’t they?