Hog Master Karlyn Borysenko Loses Argument That Critical Race Theory is Not Anti-White

The hog boss, Karlyn Borysenko, is the new face of the conservative movement.

She is standing up against Critical Race Theory (CRT).

She is also standing up against white people.

She is very worried that white people are going to respond to anti-white sentiment by working together as a group to fight against an anti-white agenda.

She comes from PragerU. She is the boss. She is very angry. She is the hog master.

She has claimed that CRT is not anti-white.

This has not gone over well – at time of writing, she has 1.4k likes and 5.4k dislikes.

She replied in the comments that she doesn’t care about the downvotes – she is taking a hard stand against whites, once and for all.

She has basically stated that CRT is actually a tool of white supremacy, used to oppress brown people. She opposes CRT because she hates white people and wants to liberate blacks.

She’s getting buried on Twitter. Check the replies to this.

As recently as 41 seconds ago at time of writing, she is on Twitter attacking whites.

She also just retweeted this:

“All political views are the same, because they are all views.”

She says that white people should go fuck themselves.

Just go look at her Twitter – it is non-stop anti-white hate.

She was a far-left activist very recently.

Now she’s a PragerU shill, attacking white people.

What is the point of this?

It’s a little bit scary to even talk about the Lord of the Hogs, as she is the embodiment of my nightmares, and I already feared that she was coming for me.

This is your new right-wing movement:

What is the point of this?

Who benefits from right-wingers putting fat, short-haired women at the front?

I think we need to start seriously talking about banning women.


It’s been revealed to me in a direct message that Karlyn Borysenko actually used to date the country great David Allan Coe.

Quite sadly, he wrote this song about her after they broke up.

If you give it a listen, it will tell you a lot about where she’s coming from.