#HoaxGate: Father of Israeli Suspect Works in the Tech Industry – Claims He has a Brain Tumor Too!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2017

The father of the Israeli teenager accused of being behind the wave of anti-Semitism false flags is now talking to the Israeli media – yet we still don’t know his name!

Legal experts are anticipating that President Trump will push for the extradition of at least the 18 (or 19?) year-old suspect, said to be Michael Kaydar, due to the amount of grief Jews foisted upon America over this incident. Neither autism nor brain tumors constitute insanity under US law, and the meticulous and premeditated nature of the bomb threats – which allowed the suspect(s) to evade the FBI for years – shows that they are mentally competent enough to have known what they were doing and partake in their own defense.

The brain tumor and autism defense may, however, provide grounds for the Israeli government to refuse a request for extradition, and thus cover up whatever is really going on here. Israel has a policy of not extraditing its criminals to goyim, because crimes against gentiles aren’t seen as crimes in Israel. However, the high profile of this case puts them in an awkward spot.

New details are now leaking out into Israeli media.

Apparently, the father (pictured above), who was arrested besides his son, works in an unspecified high-tech industry. While maintaining his innocence, he is claiming that just in case they try and pin something on him, he has the same rare benign brain tumor as his son, that wretched mass that allows you to do sophisticated false-flag cyber-terrorism to hoax the goyim!

You’ve gotta hear these Jews to believe them. If you told a Martian that people this shameless exist, they would call you crazy.

Jerusalem Post:

The parents claim their 18-year-old son has severe autism and a brain tumor that affects his behavior, which led him to issue the threats against Jewish community centers in the United States and around the world. A gag order has been placed on the identity of the suspect.The father, who works in high-tech, was arrested along with his son on suspicion that he was aware of the threats. He was then released on Thursday and he claims he was unaware of his son’s activities.

The father also said he was exposed to “destructive chemicals” and had multiple tumors operated on. “I underwent three operations to remove tumors, and my son also has a tumor,” the man said.

Although the parents previously chose not to operate on the youth’s tumor, the mother said they now hope to go forward with a surgery.

“We are talking about a life-or-death surgery, but at this point, understanding the horrible symptoms from the tumor, I want him to find the proper surgeon and have the surgery.”

The mother also argued that the threats to JCCs did not come from a place of antisemitism, stating that her son grew up in Conservative Jewish home celebrating Shabbat every week.

What perfect timing – suddenly the suspect’s family wants to do surgery on his brain tumor. Maybe he’ll die and won’t be able to stand trial!

What isn’t getting any investigation is where in the “high tech field” the father of the bomb threat hoaxer worked, and what exactly he did.

Israel’s tech industry is believed by intelligence experts to be nothing more than a department of the Mossad. They specialize in the cutting edge of espionage, surveillance and tools meant for covert use, which they sell to America via official corruption and then access to spy on our government. It is common for these “start-ups” to have mysteriously sourced seed-money, and graduates of highly secretive Unit 8200 are well represented as founders and leaders in Israeli “high-tech.”

The chances that Michael Kaydar’s father has been involved with the Mossad or Unit 8200 are very high based on his profession alone. His involvement in the bomb threat hoax is likely, and his brain tumor excuse is a cover. Such a link would open a whole new investigative route the Israeli government doesn’t want Trump-loyal FBI agents – who apparently “went nuclear” in terms of cyber-intelligence tactics to track down this perpetrator – to go near.

The Daily Stormer Editorial Board reiterates its call to the Trump administration to extradite this suspect and his father, and use all available “interrogation tools” to find if there are accomplices, especially in respects to organized Jewry in the United States. If Trump allows Jews to sweep this exposed blood libel under the rug, they will only do it again.