#HoaxGate: Anti-Defamation League Using Scottsdale Cops to Hunt Down Flier-Poster – No Crime Committed!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2017

It’s not actually illegal, but it is illegal in the minds of Jews.

The Anti-Defamation League’s branch in Scottsdale, Arizona has a new employee: the local police department.

Someone has been going around spreading a flier informing the public that the “bomb threats” local Jews have been reported are a hoax coordinated straight out of Israel. They have a link leading back to the Daily Stormer, the sole media publication that has accurately covered this false flag from day one.

Passing out political or educational material is First Amendment activity. The fliers contain no threats (like the ones Jews send one another) and are not criminal under any measure. In fact, the Scottsdale Police Department stated in no uncertain terms that no laws were violated!

So why is there a detective “investigating,” or more accurately, trying to dox the person who passed these out with no legal grounds? Is it so that the ADL can put them on a list?

Jewish News:

Anti-Semitic fliers referring to the arrest of an Israeli-American in more than 100 bomb threats called into Jewish institutions across the U.S. were apparently flung onto lawns and driveways along several Scottsdale streets on March 29, according to Scottsdale Police.

Detective Chris Kinder could not confirm that they were thrown like newspapers, but said that’s the assumption as the investigation continues. The fliers were distributed on a few streets in the northern part of the city and another few streets in the southern part, he said. He canvassed those neighborhoods in search of leads.

“I’m looking for any [security-camera] video of people driving by,” which may help identify who distributed the fliers, he said. The detective may be contacted by calling the Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000.

News of the fliers quickly spread after a resident posted about them on Facebook, said Carlos Galindo-Elvira, Arizona regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. “At first, we thought it was just in one neighborhood,” he said, but in talking with Scottsdale Police, it became clear that several streets around the city had received them.

Detective Kinder won’t say what kind of crime he is investigating because no crime was committed. He is not only wasting taxpayer money and valuable time needed for solving real crimes, but he is abusing his position to pursue a political end.

The Scottsdale PD isn’t meant to be the enforcement wing of Jews frantically trying to cover up that they were behind the “wave of anti-Semitism.”

We don’t know who was behind this, but good on them. Everyone should fully engage in activity like this as long as it stays within the confines of the law.

The Scottsdale PD has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Here’s the news clip from when this first happened.