HOAXED: Majority of Britcucks Believe Global Warming Apocalypse will End All Human Life

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

Global warming is simply an advanced Jewish doomsday cult. It is Evangelicalism Part 2: The Quickening.

The problem with the masses of people is that they will literally believe anything you tell them, no matter what kind of nonsensical gibberish, as long as you can formulate it into some kind of cult.


A majority of Britons believe that climate-change could end the human race, a poll showed on Wednesday after days of high-profile protests by activists thrust global warming onto the political agenda.

Extinction Rebellion disrupted London with 11 days of protests that it cast as the biggest act of civil disobedience in recent British history.

The group set up camps which blocked off major roads in the capital, disrupted transport and targeted major institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Shell.

Following the protests, 54 percent of adults agreed that climate-change threatens our extinction as a species, a poll by Comres found, compared to just a quarter who disagreed.

However, only 22 percent of the 2,037 people surveyed said they supported the aims and tactics of Extinction Rebellion, with 32 percent in disagreement.

“While most of the public are agreed on the problem and its cause, the poll finds the public less enthusiastic about how Extinction Rebellion is bringing its message to the country,” ComRes Chairman Andrew Hawkins said.

“Its aims and tactics are far more likely to appeal to people under 25, so it is little surprise that the Group’s warning message of human extinction has less resonance with older age groups.”

I’ll tell you what is going to make the human race extinct: a global government controlled by a cartel of blood-sucking Jews. And that is exactly the solution being offered to global warming, which is a hoax.

This literally isn’t real.

If it was real, they would be promoting nuclear power and a shrinking of the population of carbon producing countries. Instead, all of the people preaching this changing weather gibberish and telling us all of these cities are going to flood classify nuclear power in the same category as “fossil fuels” and want to massively increase the population of carbon producing countries through massive migration from the third world.

Because despite producing most of the world’s pollution, the third world produces very little carbon.

Water pollution:

Carbon “footprints”:

The Jews are doing the same thing they did in the 1960s: brainwashing young white people in schools and sending them out to promote a massive transformation agenda.

And it is white people they’re brainwashing. They can’t convince brown people to care about any of this sort of nonsense.

London is like, 30% white, and yet 100% of these “Extinction Rebellion” cult members are white.

Mostly women.

Because the whole thing about women is that they are fixated on enforcing the status quo – and whatever you are able to convince them the status quo is, they will riot in defense of.

That is one of the main reasons women must be locked in cages like the wild animals they are.