Hoax Watch Investigation Shows That Blacks Hold Deep Desire to Live Among Whites

This is what we all dreamed of in 1992. But whites are preventing it from happening.

CNN recently published a well-researched piece entitled “Racial segregation is alive and well — and gripping America’s cities,” which addressed the issue of white people moving out of racially diverse neighborhoods to live amongst other white people. The article was published as a part of their “Race Deconstructed” newsletter, a weekly newsletter they post to deconstruct the false theory of the existence of race using Jewish critical theory doctrine.

CNN is doing their best to deconstruct race using the accurate Jewish technique of critical theory.

The article asserts, very reasonably, that white people should be forced to live among blacks as a form of punishment, and also as a way to bring them the joys of vibrant diversity.

We at Hoax Watch noticed that a large number of racists, who for some reason read our non-racist website, were claiming that blacks actually don’t want to live around whites any more than whites want to live around blacks, and that both races are engaged in self-segregation. We decided to research the topic, and our investigation found that only whites don’t want to live among diversity, while blacks seek out diversity and have a deep-seated desire to experience multiculturalism with white people.

“Bitch muthafuka I done ever since wants to be up at dem white people crib,” D’Tayshone Jackson told Hoax Watch, adding: “ever since, muthafuka.”

A native of Chicago, she was filled with joy when she was moved by the city’s social services to a rent-controlled apartment in a Northern white suburb.

Jackson claimed that she first developed a desire to live amongst whites in a racially diverse neighborhood while watching the 90s children’s sitcom “Saved by the Bell,” which features a diverse cast.

This is the dream we all had.

“I done be did seen that black bitch in dat show, she been done chillin wit dem white folk, been be hop on dat white dik Zach Morrison, they all be chillen like a muthafuka. Ain’t no bitch says to she ass ‘bitch ain’t should been stole my lawnmower,'” Jackson explained.

She went on to tell Hoax Watch the story of how she once had a white neighbor, and was accused of stealing their lawnmower from their garage.

“I ain’t been took dat muthafuka out dey garange, shit bitch. Dey done sed ‘bitch we done seen yo black ass on dat spycam, we known you did it, give that shit back now.’ But you know how white people be talkin’, all been like ‘sorry ma’am, excuse me please, ma’am sir, I don’t want to be of service to you but I can please ask you to gave me back my lawnmower,'” Jackson explained, affecting the pompous and obsequious speech of a white person with high levels of accuracy.

“They sed I be the only black bitch in the hood, and they seen a black bitch on they spycam. I be like, ‘yo bitch, thas rassis, jus cuz the nigga black don’t mean I done did it. Millions uh niggas out der coulda been da one took dat shit,'” she said, explaining that after accusing her of stealing their lawnmower, the family stopped speaking with her, and did not invite her to future BBQs. Within weeks, they’d put their home up for sale and moved out of the neighborhood.

Dar’D’Jamamar Washington had a similar story.

“Since I is been uh chald, always ah is wants to be done chillen at da crib with da white muthafuka,” he said.

When a section 8 building was built in a white suburb of Atlanta, his dream became a reality.

“I been done gone to da office, and that bitch sed, ‘we been gone move yo ass to da white naghburhood,’ and I said ‘shit, bitch, I love white people, the fuck,'” he said.

But his dream quickly became a nightmare when the white people he moved in with began falsely accusing him of crimes.

“Them white muthafukas done been sed I finna sell crack dey chillens,” Washington explained. “I ain’t never even did that shit, but these white ass bitches done sed to me, ‘ain’t you should be talk we keeds no mo, yo black ass be finna sell dem crack.'”

Washington explained that what actually happened was that the white children, ages 7 and 9, had asked him if he could get them crack cocaine. “Dem little bitches done sed, ‘yo nigga, you got any rock? We been tryin to light this muthafuka up, we ain’t find none.'”

Washington said that he tried to explain to the children that smoking crack was not a healthy behavior, but that the white children kept asking for it.

“You know, shit bitch, if they been axin me er’ry day ‘we want crack,’ I’m thinkin’ maybe I should been finna get me somethin’. I ain’t never told them little fuckers ‘smoke crack’ – they ask me!” Washington admits that he brought crack to them, but was shocked to find they didn’t want to buy it, after having asked him repeatedly to procure it for them.

Dar’D’Jamamar went on to explain that because the entire system is racist, he has no choice but to sell crack. He also explained that he did not pistol whip the 7-year-old boy, and that the gun he was carrying was not even his, but a gun that his friend had asked him to keep for him.

Dar’D’Jamamar Washington seen holding his friend’s gun. He only offered the white children crack cocaine after they had pestered him to find it for them.

Despite this very logical and believable explanation, the white family told Washington that he could no longer play with their kids, and stopped inviting him to their BBQs. Shortly thereafter, they moved out of the neighborhood.

As we went through the various situations of blacks being moved by the government into white neighborhoods, we continually found the same thing: white people falsely accusing blacks of crimes, canceling their invite to the BBQ, and then moving out of the neighborhood.

The Biden Administration is currently looking for ways to punish white people for moving out of black neighborhoods, and is running into a roadblock, as whites continue to slip through their grasp, selling their property and escaping integration.

Joe Biden is seen thinking of ways to force white people to live amongst blacks against their will in order to promote virulent democracy.

One thing is clear: in order for American democracy to survive and to flourish, we must figure out a way to force white people to accept living side-by-side with section 8 public housing. The first thing that must be addressed is the white tendency to falsely accuse blacks of crimes. Then, we have to abolish the police in white areas that are filled with black public housing.

The American people are calling on Joe Biden to take more aggressive action immediately, but Biden is slow to move. This leaves many to wonder if Biden himself is not a virulent white racist.