HOAX 2020: The Blacks Have Been Unleashed, This is Part of the Hoax

If you haven’t seen it already, please check out the Live Thread from last night showing that there were riots across the entire country, in every major city, involving massive carnage. From Oakland to New York, the country was lit on fire. These are the biggest riots ever in American history.

What you are witnessing right now is the blacks being unleashed, on purpose, by the government.

The reason they are doing this is not because a cop killed a black guy. That happens regularly, because blacks are criminals and very often involved with police. So they get killed by police. Probably, it happens every day.

This is also not happening because the media is making a big deal out of it. The media has made a big deal out of a bunch of “good boy” deaths going all the way back to Trayvon Martin.

The reason this is all going nuts right now, all across the country, is that the government wants this to happen. What they are doing is inciting the blacks on television, inciting them through the various networks that organize the blacks, then they are sending out Antifa, a fake organization run by the FBI, to set off riots. The police, in all of these cities, are standing down, by orders from their superiors, and allowing the blacks and Antifa to destroy everything.

Of course if you pull out all of the cops the blacks are going to go buckwild and burn everything down as they loot. Last night, they were just moving their riots to all of their favorite stores, so they could loot them.

Across America, mobs of blacks roamed the streets, going entirely ape. We all sat here and watched the police do nothing.

This could have happened at any time, going all the way back to Trayvon. There were always protests. And if the police had refused to disperse the protests, and had instead fled the scene, this same thing that happened last night would have happened then. The only element that has changed between this week and any previous black event is that this time, the cops let it happen.

This is what the cops did yesterday, in every city: they went to the protests in the daytime and provoked the blacks. They beat them back, they sprayed gas and rubber bullets. Then when night fell, they all fled and let the blacks go ape.

Understand this:

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

The police let this happen on purpose.

Furthermore, Donald Trump has once again proved to be completely useless.

I kept checking his Twitter all night long, and he said NOTHING.

While these riots were happening, the President was nowhere to be seen. The last time he had been seen was earlier in the day, before the rioting started, when he was blaming all of his problems on Chinese people and saying he is going to take revenge on China for coronavirus. He also vowed revenge on them for their domestic policy – that is, ostensibly not giving enough “freedom” to Antifa rioters in Hong Kong.

To be fair, he can speak on that with authority, because when Antifa riots in America, he doesn’t do anything.

So I guess that’s his message to China: “when Antifa riots and burns things in your city, you should do like I do, and just let them destroy everything – otherwise, it’s not freedom, and I’ll make you pay! Big time!”

Donald Trump is apparently trying to start a war with China, while America is concerned about the war happening on the streets of our cities, which he doesn’t see fit to comment on.

Last night, the blacks and the Antifa were rioting right up against the White House fence, and he didn’t even bother to make a statement then. I guess he was asleep? What kind of president lets people riot and burn down cities, lets them riot all the way up against his own house, and doesn’t even bother to make a public statement about it?

Well, apparently the kind of president that is following orders from advisors who have a different agenda altogether.

The agenda here is for people to become enraged by these riots, and to demand that the police do something. As stated, the police are responsible for the riots, because they didn’t do anything. But the people are not following these details. They don’t know that the cops aren’t doing anything.

They don’t know that someone is putting pallets of bricks in the middle of the riot zones for the rioters to throw.

Watch this video:

Bricks. Right in the middle of Dallas. On a pallet. There is no construction in the area. The city put those bricks there for the rioters to use.

The people don’t know.

They don’t know this whole entire thing is a gigantic hoax.

So they will say “save us, cops!”

And then the cops will be unleashed, full force, and will stay on the streets, militarized, as we move into the next phase of this massive 2020 HOAX that we are currently witnessing.

HOAX 2020 began with the coronavirus, and all of these weird social engineering schemes that were enforced against the people in the name of that particular hoax. The answer to that hoax, of course, was a massive police state with people being forced to stay in their homes or be attacked by the cops.

Now we have a black rioting hoax. The solution to this hoax is going to be more police state action.

I don’t know how long this black riot hoax is going to go. Even the mainstream media is reporting the fact that the cops are nowhere to be seen while these blacks go buckwild, acting like the Gremlins from the movie “Gremlins” and the sequel “Gremlins 2: The New Batch.”

Look at them stealing this construction equipment and using it to destroy things in Oakland last night.

100% pure Gremlins.

The goal here is a nonstop barrage of complete insanity.

Who even knows what’s going to happen for the rest of the summer. Maybe they will just let these blacks keep rioting and keep saying “it’s not safe for the police to stop them” as they were saying last night.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that in the fall, they’re going to roll this coronavirus hoax back out, and lock everyone in their houses again. And at that time, they will already have the streets filled with militarized police on patrol, which they will have released ostensibly to deal with these black rioters.

Then we’re really going to be in an Alex Jones nightmare world.

The other purpose that these black riots are serving is to make it impossible for us to organize anti-lockdown protests. As you may have noticed. Firstly, no one is going to try to organize anything with these blacks going buckwild. Secondly, they are eventually going to respond to these black riots by banning all forms of public assembly, which is a big goal that they have.

They want you completely isolated. That is also why they’re increasing the boldness of the Twitter censorship by directly censoring the president. Social media will soon be totally locked down, with no one allowed to use it to communicate. And we will all be locked in our houses as isolated single units that they can do whatever they want to.

Sometime shortly after the real lockdown begins this fall, they’ll start talking about how you can avoid some of the oppression if you just get implanted with a computer chip.

Then, we’re off to the races.

I don’t know how else to tell you this, but this is happening.

We are going into a 666 BEAST Book of Revelations scenario.

Even if you do not believe in the Bible, you must simply understand that this is what the Jews want to do: they want to implant everyone with computer chips and run a world government out of Jerusalem where they do satanic sacrifices at their temple they’re going to build.

The process of working towards that scenario has already begun. We’re in it, now. These black riots are a bizarre sideshow and a distraction, but they are also a part of the plan. This is to get you to accept a police state as necessary to keep you safe. Once the police state is fully in place, they can do whatever they want. They can take you to a camp, they can take your children from you, they can do whatever they want.

The best thing that any of you can do right now is spread this information. Get people talking. Get people organized in whatever way you can.

We might be able to start the anti-lockdown protests back up again. I don’t know. My feeling is that they are going to do this black riot thing, then lift the lockdowns for the summer without telling you they’re going to bring them back in the fall, and then when they bring them back in the fall, any form of protest against them will be banned. So our window of time for protesting against this may have closed. If we do get a chance to protest again, we really need to go hard and get as many people out as we can. But I do think it is likely that the lockdown will be temporarily lifted in June, and attention will be diverted to this black freakout, or possibly to something else.

Basically, get out of the cities if you can. It’s unlikely you’re going to be able to work anyway. So if you can take your unemployment cash and get a shack in the woods, then do that. Bring some people with you. Stay as connected as you can online.

Right now, we need to sit and watch and allow some more of this plot to unfold before we can form a real strategy against it.

Do your best to get right with God. That is going to help you more than anything else.

You can laugh at that suggestion if you want.

But when you see hell unfold before you, you’re not going to be laughing anymore.