Hitting the Brakes on the Bus Industry: 80,000 Furloughed

The bus industry, like cruise ships and commercial airlines, is an industry that is just not going to exist in the new Virus World that Anthony Fauci has created.

More announcements of completely destroyed industries are going to be coming soon!

Fauci has created an entirely new society!


Clarence Cox took over a 35-year-old motorcoach business from his father and uncle and had hopes of one day giving it to his daughters. But with a $5 million fleet parked for months during a pandemic, and no federal aid, his goal now is just to make it to the end of 2020.

His business, Georgia Coach Lines, is one of thousands of small, family-owned bus companies across the US, urging Congress to approve immediate aid. Unlike the airlines or Amtrak, the motorcoach industry hasn’t received any funding from the $2.2 trillion CARES Act passed by Congress in the spring.

Peter Pantuso, president and CEO of the American Bus Association, said, “I can’t really identify for you why we have not been included.”

The American Bus Association estimates private buses provide 600 million passenger trips a year, second only to commercial flights. Pantuso said 80,000 of the industry’s 100,000 employees have been furloughed this year.

The American Bus Association said the industry usually sees $15 billion in revenue a year. In 2020, bus companies only brought in $4 billion. The motorcoach industry, along with the school bus industry and passenger water vessel companies are now collectively asking Congress to approve $10 billion in loans and grants.

“Every small business I think across America is hurting at some level,” Pantuso said. “But there are very few other industries that are almost completely shut down with no hope of coming back for at least six months, next year, and then it’ll be a slow recovery.”

Part of that recovery for Cox’s business has meant purchasing special cleaning equipment and adapting buses for safer travels during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m so sick of hearing Steve Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi argue back and forth about the amount of money, you know, with Nancy, it’s all or nothing. With Steve, it’s like, well, this is what the President said. And meanwhile, back at the ranch, all of us are sitting here trying to figure out how we’re going to eat next week,” Cox said.

Cox’s 16 drivers have been furloughed.

One of them, Douglas Reese, has sat at home for months at a time this year, relying on unemployment that he says will run out in early November.

“You’re still sitting at home, but your bills are still coming in, you still got a mortgage to pay. And you got to eat,” Reese said.

It sure is nasty for CNN, the biggest promoter of the virus hoax, to be acting like they care about a bunch of bus drivers getting laid off.

Professional bus drivers are virtually all working blacks, by the way – something which CNN is totally opposed to.

“If a black is working, he can’t be out rioting and looting,” thinks the communist Jew.

This is just the reality: if you want to do a massive virus hoax, it is going to destroy virtually everyone’s life. That is what Donald Trump has been saying. The media somehow turns around and says it is Donald Trump’s fault.

As far as giving taxpayer money to these bus companies: that is just idiotic. Obviously, in this new world that is being created by the virus hoax, there isn’t going to be any place for public transportation. Based on the rules that CNN itself has endorsed and helped to create, you cannot make public transport work. Because you can’t stand six feet apart on a bus.

So, we just need to cut these companies loose and let them go under. That is the only solution here. Continuing to fund them just sinks our economy further. That money should be given to industries that we know can survive the “pandemic” – such as the video game industry.

However many millions are earmarked for the bus or airline industries should be given to gaming companies to help us all deal with the fact that we are now permanently locked in our houses.

The government should also be funding companies that are making home gym equipment, because right now, you literally can’t buy it: it has all been bought the hell up already.

It’s too bad our government doesn’t have the same attitude as the Chinese government.

They’ve got an awesome transportation future.