Hitler’s Loss Prevented Construction of Awesome Death-Star-Type Space Station

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2017

We could have had a freaking DEATH STAR. Instead we have mixed-race trannies. Sigh…

Jews will keep coming at you saying “it’s a good thing we defeated Hitler, otherwise we’d all be speaking German.” Yet in the same breath, they’ll mention all the awesome sci-fi stuff the Nazis were working on.

German stealth bomber prototype. Pretty sweet tbh fam.

So I’m thinking like, “maybe speaking German wouldn’t be so bad if it meant being able to explore the stars like badasses instead of feeding all these brown people…”

And then, news like this come out.

Daily Mail:

The Nazis had planned to built a giant one-mile wide ‘sun gun’ to burn enemy cities to ashes during the Second World War.

Scientists tried to create the huge satellite which acted as a large mirror that would have used the sun’s rays to scorch the earth’s surface.

Technical experts from the US Army made the fascinating discovery which highlighted the Nazi’s shocking plans.

If successful, the unique creation would share similarities with the infamous Death Star, the spherical battle station constructed by the Galactic Empire in Star Wars.

YES!!! Crush those filthy rebels!

The Nazis wanted their satellite, which was dubbed ‘the space mirror’, to revolve around the earth 5,100 miles above the equator, according to a 1945 article in Life magazine.

The article, which was titled ‘Nazi Men of Science Seriously Planned To Use a Manmade Satellite As A Weapon for Conquest’, revealed American scientists analyzed the Nazi military arsenal after the Second World War.

German scientists are believed to have thought they could use the sun’s rays to obliterate US cities such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

>Implying they wouldn’t have obliterated San Francisco and New York instead.

The magazine article stated that the Germany’s plans for the space mirror began with good intentions but that quickly changed in 1939.

The plans for the mirror were drawn up and according to the article it would ‘burn an enemy city to ashes or to boil part of an ocean’.

But the magazine stated that the biggest issue the Nazis faced was that there was not a rocket heavy enough to ferry the parts for the station into orbit.

Well, actually, they had a little somebody working for them named Werner Von Braun. You might know him from such things as the Apollo program, the V2 rockets, and just generally being the greatest rocket scientist in history.

If the Nazis had won, I’m sure he would have come up with a plan to get the death star parts into orbit, along with whatever they needed to kickstart mankind’s colonization of space.

Because he had plans for that, too.

However, in America, we had better things to do with our resources, such as propping up the entire population of the third world and granting civil rights for women, blacks and homos.

So no death stars, and no space stations.

It added: ‘Whether the sun gun would have accomplished what they expected, however, is another matter.’

It has since been proved that space reflectors do and can work. In 1993, Russian scientists launched one to beam solar power to earth by reflecting sunlight.

So the thing would actually have worked. We’d literally have a death star by now if only we had allied with the Nazis instead of the Communists.

Really makes you think.