Hitler’s Germany: A Genuine Sovereign Nation

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2014

Our glorious eternal leader lives on in our hearts, and in our actions.
Our glorious eternal leader lives on within us.

What sort of actions would the government of a truly Sovereign Nation take?

They would probably start by dealing with the economy, abolishing international banking in the country and nationalizing the banks, putting economic policy under the State’s control and abandoning usury. They would institute a unit of value and issue it as currency in the amount needed to cover exactly the amount of production the nation was capable of. This would eliminate all inflation and deflation and ensure that the currency kept its value. They would arrange to barter their products directly with other nations who had materials that were needed by the Sovereign nation, cutting out the speculators and middle men entirely.

They would enact laws to enable them to compulsorily purchase back the nation’s heritage and resources if the previous traitors had stolen and sold them, for which they would pay a reasonable price, reimbursing the original payment, but with no interest added.

The birds loved him.
The birds loved him.

They would create a welfare system to look after the poor and unable, based on trusting the people that they would not ask for help if they had no need of it. There would be little or no administration costs because of this. Taxes to pay for this help would be completely voluntary and would soon produce a surplus, as the community spirit revived. Dignity and compassion would be the watchwords when dealing with the poor. They would use the new unit of currency to pay for works the nation needed, like houses and infrastructure, providing full-time secure employment for all the previously unemployed.

They would ensure that there was a living wage, not a minimum wage, and that training and apprenticeships were to the highest standards, with guaranteed work placements at the end of them.

To help people to afford the modern homes, they would give subsidies to new families, say 25% off the price of the house for each child in the family. This would encourage people to have more children, a good thing for the nation since once they were grown up, they would be able to contribute themselves to the common good – more hands make light work.

Motherhood would be acknowledged as the most important job of all and special retreats would be set up for them to take holidays in when they needed a break. For those who could not afford to buy a new home, or who were not married, a law restricting landlords from charging any more than one eighth of a man’s salary for rent would be enacted.

The new homes would all have play areas for the children and a big enough garden to provide all the vegetables needed for the family, as both exercise and good food are essential to producing healthy children. The new houses would be built with the overriding idea of creating the best living space possible for the nation’s citizens.

The deer loved him.
The deer loved him.

Self-sufficiency would be the stated goal, so processing plants and towns would be built where the raw materials were, thus cutting down on unnecessary travel. Anti-pollution laws would be enacted against industry instead of the individual, ensuring there was fresh, clean air for the workers and the surrounding areas. Cities breed loneliness and crime, so a limit would be put on the size of a town, to encourage the community spirit within that is required if a people are to thrive.

They would compulsorily purchase the printing houses, to ensure that no subversive material harmful to society could be published. There would be no communist literature, no promotion of perversity and all pornography would be banned. Only that which was beneficial for the people would be encouraged. Film companies would be invested in and State films would expose the real history of the nation, and how international banking had taken over the world. People would be polite to one another in the movies and show valour, loyalty and morality. Violence, sadism and horror would not be shown and children under 18 would not be allowed to see anyone die in battle on film.

All secret societies would be declared unlawful and they would have to turn over their records, so that members could be identified and removed from any sensitive posts. The information held by the lodges would be made public knowledge, and their hand in previous conspiracies would be exposed.

The children loved him.
The children loved him.

The education system would be purged of Marxist doctrines and children would be taught to have high moral standards, that improving the character, being honorable and thinking for yourself would be hailed as more important than being able to repeat endless politically correct slogans.

Education would be free to all, and those who showed themselves to be the most able would have the option to continue being educated to the highest standards at university, regardless of class or economic background. If you didn’t make that grade, then there would be apprenticeships in industry to choose from, with living costs covered. An appreciation and understanding of nature would be encouraged in students, by paying for city kids to go to the country, to see how the farms produced the food for the cities.

Abortion would be treated as murder and the right of a child to be born into a healthy body would be enshrined in law, encouraging people with hereditary diseases to get sterilised and adopt, instead of forcing their disfiguring and debilitating diseases onto children. Marriage would be encouraged with plenty of tax subsidies and women who fulfilled the role nature had provided for them, would be given an honoured position in society.

The women loved him.
The women loved him.

The equal importance of each class, farmer/laborer, manager/engineer, scientist/governor would be stressed at every opportune moment. Merchants would be exposed as contributing little and taking a lot, contradicting with the new idea of putting the nation first in everything.

Shared ancestry would be celebrated and honored as being a unifying gift from nature. Traditions would be respected and people would be encouraged to be proud of their people and their heritage.

Since the objective was to get the best for everyone, a new State industry in providing holidays for the workers would be created. Giant state-of-the-art leisure boats would take the citizens from all classes on cruises to other countries at the expense of the State. There would be the best entertainment the nation could provide on board, and this would bring the passengers together in a spirit of camaraderie.

All things necessary for life at home would be subsidized, with the electric, water, transport and communications industries being run by the State to prevent private monopolies from holding the people to ransom. Private initiative would still be encouraged and supported, but buying foreign goods would be frowned upon when there were domestic ones available.

All previous politicians would be retired with a full pension and never again allowed to positions of influence. Those who had shown themselves to be particularly dangerous would be tried and punished according to the law for treason. Foreign ‘investors’ would have their interests bought-out at a reasonable price and the country’s assets returned to the people. The punishment would fit the crime and those who had made a living from others in a parasitical way would be removed to labor camps to learn the value of an honest day’s work.

Jesus loved him.
Jesus loved him.

Foreigners who had shown themselves to be a danger to the country would be encouraged to leave, those who had shown themselves loyal would be allowed to stay, but would not be allowed to have any say in how the country was run, or be allowed to own any property or businesses. These would be bought back from them at a reasonable price. This would ensure that all the wealth of the nation stayed within the nation.

The police would be banned from carrying truncheons and similar weapons and would be prevented from beating the people up. They would be taught to be respectful and to remember who it was they were serving. Gun licenses would be easily available for citizens, but foreign guests would not be allowed weapons. All pedophiles would be executed, no exceptions, and persistent public homosexual displays would result in re-orientation therapy away from the public.

Medicine and healthcare would be free to all and of the highest standard, with the latest techniques and drugs available. Animal testing would be outlawed and honorable and conscientious doctors and scientists would test any new drugs on themselves. With international finance out of the way, scientists and engineers would be working together on projects for the benefit of all, rather than competing with each other for corporate gain. This would soon lead to them outpacing the rest of the world in scientific innovation.

Everyone loved him.
All the good people loved him.

The leadership would make themselves accessible to the public and would regularly address them in person, explaining in detail every action required and gaining the nation’s permission before implementing policies. Regular plebiscites would take place to ensure that people were happy with the decisions taken.

The leader would not have his speeches written for him as he would be a genius, everything he said would be genuine and from the heart. He would be loved by his people, as it would be readily apparent how much he loved them, and would willingly lay down his life for them. He would be the prime example of how everyone in the nation should behave. He would be committed to peace, and would strive to get the other nations of the world to sign arms reduction and mutual support treaties.

Other countries who were made up of the same ethnicity as the Sovereign nation, would naturally want to join in the prosperity. They would hold referendums showing overwhelming support for reunification and do so.

What would the rest of the world think of a genuine Sovereign Nation like that?

To their eternal shame, the rest of the world was deceived into declaring war on them.

Think today, on the anniversary of his birth, about the man who made all those things possible for his nation.

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