Hipster Teacher has Cancer? The Solution is Socialism

This is in the number one spot on reddit.com:

A bunch of foreign countries have socialized medicine in current year. People can go look at how they’re doing.

Hear me out, faggot: why does this teacher have cancer?

Let’s look it up.

Firstly, this story is from 2018 – not exactly breaking news.

The article from CNN, December 4, 2018, says he has colon cancer:

Goodman, who has taught history at Palm Beach Gardens Community High School for 23 years, learned he had stage III colon cancer in April. “It was terrifying,” he said.

So, maybe he’s gay.

Or maybe he just ate too much processed food?

Processed food is known to cause many diseases, including basically all forms of cancer, and yet the government refuses to regulate it. Processed food is responsible for obesity, which is the cause of the majority of deaths in the United States, as well as the majority of chronic illnesses requiring serious treatment.

Why isn’t stopping the amount of sickness the first goal of the people who want to improve the healthcare system?

Why, instead, is the first response “we need socialism”?

Presumably, it’s because certain people want socialism, and they see the healthcare system as a place to start establishing it.

There are issues with the cost of healthcare. Those issues come from Big Pharma lobbying the government. That should be illegal. Money should be taken out of politics – this system we have is utterly corrupt and absurd, allowing these corporations to pay politicians to enact policies.

It is the same thing with the food – the big processed food producers lobby the government.

Why not at the very least solve these problems first, then see if we still have a healthcare crisis, before calling for socialism?

Probably, because there is no nuance whatsoever in American politics. Most right-wingers think that allowing multinational, monopolistic corporations to buy off politicians is some form of “freedom,” when it is obviously straightforward corruption.

Meanwhile, the left has no interest in corporations, because they themselves are bought off, so instead only talk about the government spending money, most of which ends up going to these corporations. Obamacare, which the leftists lobbied for, was a payout to insurance and pharma companies. Any single-payer system would be a payout to Big Pharma (but not to insurance companies, actually).

So, the number one issue is corporations lobbying to destroy people’s health.

The second issue is why people don’t have any money. That is again due to corporate lobbying and banker lobbying. Even as we enter into a futuristic technological era (which we are already in), people have a lower standard of living than previous generations.

Why are the causes of this never looked at? Instead, the solution is always socialism?

The goal is to create a massive poverty class, living on government welfare. The goal is to socialize everything, so that people are completely dependent on the state. Meanwhile, the state will act in concert with these mega-corporations, who will be managing the population of landless peasants.

It’s all very obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature. But people will seemingly always go along with whatever is being shoved in their faces, and the thing being shoved in their faces now is socialism as the solution to obesity and poverty.

Meanwhile, the middle class pays more taxes than ever, while being smaller than ever, while the corporations and billionaire class pay fewer taxes than ever. You can see all of this in front of your face. But no one cares. They just want socialism, because they are peasants, and peasants always want socialism.

If the right-wing wants to fight against socialism, they should fight against the things that are causing it, i.e., wealth inequality, i.e., corporate money in politics. Instead, they just whine about “the left.”

Donald Trump introduced a form of populism that was opposed to the ruling elite, the corporations, and the left. But people are so easy to fall back into this same old pattern, not least because Trump himself fell back into that pattern.

But Trump did at least try to deal with some of these things.

Do you know that Joe Biden ended rules that Trump enacted to lower drug prices, at the behest of pharma companies?

Why didn’t leftists talk about that?

Instead, they just call for socialized medicine, which is going to amount to the government further funding pharma companies.