Hindus Celebrate Trump’s Birthday, Hailing Him as King of the World

Daily Stormer
June 14, 2016

Hindus also believe Adolf Hitler is an avatar of Vishnu. Donald Trump is the logical next step.

While India is now a brown mess, Aryans used to control the region thousands of years ago. They formulated a grand religion, which in a modified form is still practiced today by the inhabitants of the peninsula.

Considering this, it’s only natural that Hindus today would come to worship Donald Trump as Kalki, the savior of humanity.


A Hindu fringe group celebrated the 70th birthday of Donald Trump in the Indian capital on Tuesday, calling the U.S. presidential contender the “savior of humanity” who could end the global threat posed by Islamist militants.

About 20 members of the far-right Hindu Sena, or Hindu Army, held the festivities as Americans grieved over the deaths of 49 people in the country’s worst-ever mass shooting, perpetrated by a gunman claiming allegiance to Islamic State.

“Trump has said Muslims should be banned from entering America. Everyone should support that,” said Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta, whose group is known more for its publicity stunts than for having any meaningful support.

Indians have had to deal with these Moslems for hundreds of years now. They understand better than anyone why you’d want these people out of your country.


Send your prayers to Trump, for surely he will hear your words

Interesting though that even other brown people hate Moslems though.

Donning red and blue paper hats, activists gathered at a stall on a Delhi road to pledge their allegiance to the presumptive Republican nominee, saying they counted on Trump to contain India’s neighbor Pakistan.

Of course the official hat of the esoteric Trumpist cult is the red MAGA hat. Unfortunately those outside the USA can’t purchase them from Trump at this point, and it would be a sacriledge for these devout Trumpists to get knockoffs.

“Trump is about to become the king of the world,” Gupta said.

More than the king of the world, my brown friend. Trump is Kalki, the last avatar of Vishnu, he who will cleanse the world and end the age of darkness, the Kali Yuga, and restore the divine order to the mortal realm.


Kalki, harbinger of light, also known as the Glorious Leader, or just Donald Trump

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