Hindu Sorceress Kamala has Another Weird Interaction with Charlamagne

It’s not really clear what is even going on in the above video.

Kamala Harris, a satanic Hindu Indian-Canadian apparently running America, was being interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God. I’ve always thought Charlamagne was a faggot and a fake ass nigga who wouldn’t know how to roll dirty if you… wrapped him in a rug and threw him in a pile of dirt.

The only thing I ever respected him for was the time he wore that hat that said “fuck cancer.”

The Breakfast Club host, who is currently running a show on Comedy Central, was one of the few famous blacks that actually gave Kamala the benefit of the doubt. Most blacks were like “that bitch ain’t be black eben, sheeeit, bitch.”

They’ve had previous weird interactions in the past, but this was by far the weirdest. Charlamagne asked Kamala Harris if the real President is Joe Biden or Joe Manchin, a reference to the fact that Manchin, a conservative Democrat, is allegedly thwarting the White House’s strange agenda.

This was apparently a threatening suggestion to Kamala, as she perceived it as questioning her power.

At that point, what was apparently Kamala’s producer began talking over the interview, claiming that there were audio issues. Kamala seemed as angered by that as she was by Charlamagne’s question.

Charlamagne was like “they acting like they can’t hear me.”

Then Kamala was back on the mic, and said “I can hear you.” She then began rattling off talking points and buzzwords, and for some reason reintroduced herself, saying “I am Kamala Harris.”

I don’t really know what can be drawn from this, other than that Kamala is unstable and she can’t get competent people to work for her, so she has people who think it makes sense to interrupt an interview with claims of fake audio problems.

Still, it’s sort of a fascinating clip.