Hindu Harlot “Nikki Haley” Gives a Reach-Around to Sick Homo Lindsey Graham

The Indian and Hindu cocksucker Nimrata Randhawa might not be into fisting Lindsey Graham. Presumably, she fists her own cuck husband, both to remind him who’s boss and to draw anal blood to mix with feces in the name of her demon gods. But she’s not likely into queers.

But that doesn’t mean she’s not going to keep giving old Lindsey the reach-around.

Nimrata told audiences: “I don’t have to be fisting Lindsey in a satanic blood ritual to Kali in order to reach around and jerk his gay dick off.”

Except no, she didn’t say that. Because that is a secret. The braindead normies, who have no capacity to think even though their hearts are good, will never be made aware that Randhawa “Haley” is a Hindu, meaning a Satan-worshiper, or even that Graham is gay, meaning men stick their entire fists into his anus while they jack him off. (We all know that John McCain was only occasionally gay, and was too alpha to be a bottom. He only did fisting with Lindsey.)

She pretends that she is both Sikh and a convert to Christianity. Sikhism is possibly less offensive than Hinduism, which is why she claims that religion, even when she dresses in traditional Hindu dress.

Fits News:

Why should anyone care about Haley’s faith?

Good question … but the former ambassador’s recent appearance on a “Journeys of Faith” podcast with ABC’s Paula Faris has revived scrutiny of the evolving religious representations she has made over the course of her political career.

“The faith itself is a very kind, peaceful faith,” Haley told Faris of Sikhism, the religion into which she was born. “It’s one that’s all-accepting. They believe in one God.”

Haley added that her parents made her “go to different churches – Methodist, Baptist, Catholic,” advising her to “respect everyone and how they do their prayers, but understand there’s one God, but everyone has their own pathway.”

As for Sikhism, Haley told Faris she could “feel God in the room, but I couldn’t understand it because I didn’t know the language.”

“Haley and the Sikh faith were an important part of her storyline … back in 2004,” CBN’s David Brody observed in 2010. “But today there are no Sikh references are on her website or campaign literature. And that website language has become more overtly Christian. When asked to specifically address why Sikh references were more overt in 2004 than in 2010, (her campaign manager) didn’t provide us with an answer to that question.”

One county party chairman referenced inconsistencies in Haley’s faith narrative back in 2010, saying the future South Carolina governor “can’t seem to make up her mind about her faith.”

“It’s not my place to question her faith, but I do question her honesty,” former Pickens county GOP chairman Phillip Bowers wrote in an email back in 2010.

It looks much more like her husband converted to Hinduism than that she converted to Christianity.

“Haley” also won’t explain why she (allegedly) sucked the dicks of bloggers to try to get them to write nice things about her. She (allegedly) sucked the dick of the guy from Fits News, which I just quoted, in fact. Because this guy, Will Folks, kept writing bad things, so she was like “meet with me” and then she (allegedly) sucked his dick. I guess it wasn’t no good, and she probably (allegedly) smelled bad, because he keeps on pounding her – no pun intended.

Here’s some of what he wrote about an affair he claims began in 2007, when she was a state rep in South Carolina (this is alleged by Will Folks, not the Daily Stormer):

We never took our clothes off that first night, but the physical relationship between us progressed much faster than I expected. After sliding the front seats of her SUV as far back as they would go, Nikki climbed on top of me – rubbing her crotch back and forth over the growing bulge in my pants while I groped her ass and ran my hands through her hair and up and down her back.

John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room” played on her CD changer.

Nikki and I kissed even harder and heavier than we had before (away from the lights of the Vista, we weren’t worried about people seeing us here), and at one point I slid my hands under her turtleneck and felt her breasts over the black bra she was wearing.

It was intense. In fact it was one of the most passionate “eighth-grade make out sessions” I’ve ever experienced in my life. Immediately, it was apparent to both Nikki and I that the sexual chemistry between the two of us was very strong.

Nikki told me that night that she had never been unfaithful to her husband – and that up until that evening she had never so much as kissed another man before.

As with everything else she said to me at the time – politically or otherwise – I believed her. Unreservedly, even. I asked her why she let me kiss her earlier that night and she said she didn’t know – a theme that would evolve and expand over the next few months as our affair blossomed.

Around forty-five minutes after we arrived at Emily Douglas Park we left – and Nikki took me back to my car.

I would say “of course this alien bitch attacked our historical flag,” but the fact of reality is that any grimy whore would have attacked our flag as she did.

These people are rotten as heck, folks.

We’ve got to get them the heck out of our government.

After this 2020 election, our entire goal needs to be to storm the primaries.

That is the only way to take back this failing government, and to empower Donald Trump. We have to remove some of these people in 2022, then massively again in 2024. We need to storm every primary and bury every non-MAGA Republican.

We need a list of rules, and anyone who runs for the primaries with our backing has to sign a contract agreeing to the rules.

Here’s a rough draft:

  • No women.
  • Must be 100% on-board with the total MAGA agenda, and sign a pledge.
  • Must sign a pledge to never take money from large corporations or special interests.
  • No non-Christians or people of non-Christian origin – Man must prove he is a Christian, in so much as that is possible, showing his history of faith. If people say that “oh well, someone can convert to Christianity,” just point to Haley as an example of why we need 100% confirmed Christians from Christian families. (Maybe Mormon can count as Christian in Utah – but ONLY in Utah. Whatever you think of Mormonism as a faith, they do profess Jesus as Lord and they are conservative, but they will vote for a fake-ass boomer like Romney if he says he’s Mormon over a ride or die MAGA Protestant or Catholic.)
  • No single men – Preferred married, but if engaged okay, I don’t think we’re trying to judge pre-marital sex here, we’re just trying to judge man-on-man anal. Old divorced men or widowers okay. Anyone suspected of being gay with a beard should be directly confronted – instead of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” we need an “ask and demand a full answer” policy. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is obviously immoral, and it is how you end up with the likes of Matt Gaetz, who is certainly being blackmailed for having gay sex with an underage Cuban twink.
  • No people of non-American origin (that means white people and our own former-slave blacks, no Dinesh D’Souza or Nikki Haley types, ever; as long as you say “no non-Americans,” and include the blacks, boomers won’t think it’s racist)
  • If black, he can’t be a racial whiner black like Tim Scott, he has to be a truly based black like Jesse Lee Peterson. Candace Owens is okay because she says America should be white and denounces BLM (I don’t think there will be any blacks anyway, unless it is possibly literally Candace Owens, and I would endorse Candace Owens, frankly)

More rules to follow if necessary.

The problem is, Lae’zel has already been estranged from the Githyanki, and the queen doesn’t know that she is the one still loyal to her. She must work to deliver the weapon that the queen seeks, but she must do it in secret, even from the queen.

Wait wait – sorry. I’m describing the plot of Baldur’s Gate III.

What I meant to say was: I’ve been isolated from the mainstream due to vicious rumors spread against me by vile Jews. I am heavily censored, and anyone who works with me will be publicly accused of being a “neo-Nazi and white supremacist.”

Of course, Trump himself is now accused of being that obscure term (which has no specific or clear meaning), so the term will eventually become totally meaningless, and I will then be allowed to reenter the mainstream, because they will have nothing left to call me and I’ll just go out and be like, “look, bro, I’m just a normal person, I don’t know what your thing is, but it seems you’re Jewish? Sorry, but I have to wonder if you hate me so much because I’m a servant of Jesus Christ, who you tortured to death? Maybe you can clear that up, because this really nasty hatred I’m getting seems to be a lot more about you than it is about me.”

I will be able to say: “You’re calling me a hater, but look at the way you talk? You are seething with hatred. I’m a friendly and normal person, and I just love my country. Whatever is going on with you Jews and your hatred is none of my business, but it isn’t any of your business if I work with my friends to help save America from the liberal, communist agenda that you Jews are pushing on us.”

But: I can’t say that right now. Right now, it’s this transition time, where the Jews have already pushed way, way too far, but the boomers are still alive and still worship and defend the Christ-killing Jews. In another decade, these boomers will be in old people’s homes, they’ll be dying and going to meet Jesus – no doubt having a very, very hard time explaining to Him why it is they sided with the murderers of Christ over fellow Christians. I think when they say: “the Jews told me that if I worshiped them there would be a rapture and it would mean that I would never have to die,” that as soon as those words fall from their ethereal mouths, they’re going to understand very clearly what they’ve done.

And where that means they are going.

Of course, during this judgement, the boomer will have all the time he wants to explain himself, and he will only have to go to hell when he has no more excuses left.

The way I view this going:

Boomer: Yeah but Jesus, the preacher told me that there wasn’t any judgement and as long as I said this phrase, where I said I believed in You, that I would go to Heaven no matter what.

Jesus: Well, wasn’t that the same preacher that told you that if you worshiped the Jews, you would never die?

Boomer: Yes…

Jesus: Didn’t you read all those verses about how there was going to be a “Great judgement?” It’s definitely in the Bible. Many times.

Boomer: Yeah, no, I saw those verses, I think, but I thought the judgement was just like, you know, making sure I said the thing that I believe in You?

Jesus: So you thought that “God’s Eternal Judgement” was going to be like checking IDs to get into a strip club?

Boomer: Well…

Jesus: Okay, so, “Eternal Judgement” was referenced several dozen times. What did you think that “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” meant?

Boomer: I thought it was the thing where you check to see if I said the thing.

Jesus: The ID check thing?

Boomer: Yes.

Jesus: Okay, well. That’s very unfortunate. But what has happened here is that you supported the children of Satan, going so far as to worship them as divine, even as you witnessed them destroying the world around you. The reason that you worshiped them is that they had promised you that you will never die, instead being sucked up in a “rapture,” a word that is not mentioned in the Bible, ever. The thing is, the devil doesn’t have the ability to deliver on that promise. You made a very, very bad deal. We hope you enjoyed the sins in which you partook while believing you held a “get out of hell free card,” because I have to officially declare that card null and void.

Boomer: Okay…

Jesus: Is there anything else?

Boomer: I adopted two children from Africa?

Jesus: *Shakes head somberly. There is love in His eyes, but today justice must be done.*

Boomer: What about my parents? Are they in there?

Angel holding the Book of Life: *Quickly flips through pages* Yes. They’re in paradise. Both of them. Your children also. And your grandchildren. And so on and so forth, for the most part.

Boomer: Wait, my children died? Do I have grandchildren?

Jesus: It’s a thing with time. We’re outside of time.

Angel holding the Book of Life: The Book says that your two eldest sons became devout Christians after watching videos on the internet in 2020, during the coronavirus hoax. They tried to tell you you were going to go to Hell if you didn’t repent of your Jew worship, and you started talking about the Holocaust.

Boomer: So the Holocaust wasn’t true either?

Jesus: No. Again, “children of the father of lies.”

Boomer: Okay.

Angel near the stairs leading downward: Please come with me, sir.

Boomer: *Looks up at the musical host of Angels* On my way down, can they play “Hot for the Teacher” by Van Halen? I figure it’s the last time I’ll be able to hear it.

Jesus: No.

Boomer: Okay. Can they play Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”?

Jesus: You want to listen to “Stairway to Heaven” on your way down to hell?

Boomer: Nods.

Jesus: *Whispers something to band leader* Yeah, okay.

Do the Thing, Guys

What this all means, frankly, is that someone else has to do the operation with the contracts for the primary people. Someone else needs to organize all of this. Steve Bannon is out, because of his substance abuse problems. Someone else has to fill that role of coordinating all of this.

I don’t know who that is going to be, but I’m very happy with the stuff I’ve been seeing out of several different places. You know who these people are. Start pushing them into this project. They missed my lockdown protest project, because half of them believed in the virus. They need to be on the ball this time. Immediately after the election, the entire MAGA right needs to start focusing on NOTHING OTHER than pushing primary candidates for the 2022 midterm.

In ten years, when the Jew-worshiping boomers are in hell, and something has been done about the ability of the Jews to operate as a criminal gang with impunity inside of the US government, I will make my glorious return.

They’re going to roll out the red carpet, and you all know what song is going to be blasting on the runway when the government jet that President Carlson sent to pick me in up touches down in Washington, D.C.

You don’t even have to ask what song is going to be playing, when I dance down the jet-stairs onto that red carpet, and the men are cheering, and the girls are all screaming like I’m Elvis himself.