Hilarious 8chan People Troll Selfie App, Achieve Great Glory

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2015

Cry me a river, Jew. Oh, you already did? I cannot bathe in this river, Jew. It is yellow and smells like rat juice.
Cry me a river, Jew. Oh, you already did? I cannot bathe in this river, Jew. It is yellow and smells like rat juice.

Buzzfeed’s Josh Bornstein is often referred to as the Jewish Internet Police (JIP), given that he is a Jew who polices the internet, investigating everyone who is trying to have fun.

His latest attack is on the great and mighty 8chan, whom he has attacked for having successfully trolled a selfie app called “French Girls.”

The app allows a person to submit a selfie, and another user can then draw a picture of the selfie.

Here are some boring normie examples.


Selection_583 Selection_582

Here are the much better ones produced by 8chan.

Selection_584 Selection_585 Selection_586Rather than celebrating diversity of humorous taste, Bornstein writes:

French Girls is fun, easy, cute and free; exactly the kind of bite-sized whimsy that social media excels at producing.

But this is the internet, where nothing gold can stay. And no sooner did these harmless nuggets of creativity begin to pop up on Twitter than the denizens of 8chan — the troll forum best known for its prominent role in GamerGate — began to use French Girls to hurl abuse at women, children, minorities, Muslims, and gays.

In a thread titled “LISTEN UP” that exhorts readers to “Get in here and do some damage,” proud 8channers display the homophobic, racist, and otherwise intolerant drawings they have made and sent to unsuspecting users. Some of them are collected below; they’re as awful (and uncreative) as you might expect from a website that spun off from 4chan for being too extreme.

Once again we see that the modern Jew/feminist dictatorship of feelings is as much about banning fun as it is about squelching all human progress and driving civilization into third world hell.

If you’re not into gay sex, worshiping allah or engaging various shaming rituals, you are going to have a hard time enjoying yourself in the near future. Pretty soon you’re not even going to be allowed to go on homicidal rampages in your video games – I hear Hillary is planning on establishing a “entertainment content regulatory board” and making Sarkeesian the permanent head of it.