“Highly Sexual” 32-Year-Old Vegan Woman Explains Why She’s Still a Virgin

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

This vegan whore filmed the above video when she was 30 and released it a couple of days ago. Her lips were visibly dry, which is usually a sign of nutritional deficiencies or disease.

But what’s really disturbing here is how this slut hit the wall HARD.

This is her two years ago:

These are more recent pictures of her:

She looks like Jordan Peterson’s wife, who is like 57 or something.

That raw vegan diet thing is definitely working against her.

Daily Mail:

A vegan YouTuber star has revealed why she is still a virgin at the age of 32, despite being a ‘highly sexual person.’ 

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, who is best known on social media as FullyRawKristina, has opened up about her decision to save herself for the right person in her latest video, which was actually filmed two years ago in Bali when she was 30 years old.

The Instagram influencer celebrated a year and a half of being with her boyfriend Cash this week, but when she released the clip, she explained that she is still a virgin and everything she discussed while filming it still applies to her today.

Kristina and her boyfriend “Cash”

Kristina said she ultimately decided to share the clip because she finally felt ready to tell her story and believed that it could help others who feel pressured by society to have sex before they are ready.

The vlogger noted that a lot of times girls end up with guys who constantly pressure them to have sex.

Nobody takes time to get to know each other and to commit and to love each other,’ she said. ‘Because this right here is so scared. You’re not just having sex. You are exchanging energies.’

At the time, Kristina was still reeling about how things ended with her most recent love interest, explaining that it was the ‘most hurtful one’ out of the three relationships she had been in.

Although she insisted that she had forgiven him for the way that he had left, she was still struggling to forgive herself while recovering from the heartbreak nearly three years after the relationship ended.

Whether or not I am still saving myself for marriage, a requirement for me is that whoever I decide to give this to I must feel safe with,’ she said. ‘I want to feel like I’m deeply connected with them and loved by them.

This isn’t just a sexual act for me,’ she continued. ‘This is my purity. This is a part of my soul that you’re taking, or that I’m gifting to you. It would be really nice to know that that other person cherishes you enough in a way to where they can celebrate that connection with you.’

The whore is insane. What she’s talking about is just another manifestation of the Eternal Whore syndrome: women indefinitely postponing motherhood.

It may sound counterintuitive at first but the only way for that alleged purity she talks about to be more or less preserved is by marrying soon after puberty and becoming a mom. The more women are freely exposed to society after puberty, the more they get corrupted.

It’s not even about what they do with their front-holes.

Their thoughts get corrupted. Their actions then reflect that corruption. Do you think this whore didn’t perform oral sex? Do you think she didn’t do disgusting things?

She definitely did things so disgusting that they are better left unsaid.

Unspeakable horrors

Women’s bond with their fathers is supposed to weaken while going through puberty, and that’s about the right time for them to bond with another man.

Keep in mind that back then women used to get their first period when they were around 15 years old, give or take. The chemicals that are turning the frogs gay may also be to blame for modern women’s precocity.

What we have in the West though is women who didn’t properly bond with their fathers, weak fathers, witch mothers, and a society that cheers as young girls empower themselves by taking in the bodily fluids of dozens of strangers at high-school parties.

So while at first you may relate to what this Kristina witch says about society and sex, looking deeper into it you realize that sex is not really the problem. Women have been having lots of sex with their husbands before we had this Jewish “lol I feel like divorcing” thing and they’ve been just fine; they became mothers, then they became grandmothers, and they didn’t have to sacrifice enjoying sex for it. They just had to approach it differently.

Kristina stressed that like any other person, she has ‘urges’ and ‘desires.’ She likes to kiss people and hold them. She insisted she is ‘not a prude by any stretch of the imagination.’

See what I mean? The idea that this whore is “pure” in some way is laughable.

However, remaining a virgin until she meets the right person and feels ready to give that part of herself to her partner is something that is still important to her.’

Not only is my diet pure — I only eat raw fruits and vegetables; it’s been twelve years that I’ve done that — but I’m sexually pure,’ she said.

lol “I’m sexually pure.”

“Pure” is also not the word I’d use to describe her raw vegan diet, by the way. “Retarded” fits better.

Kristina admitted she has gotten ‘unsupportive comments’ from people in her life who know she is a virgin, but she feels proud of herself for ‘making it this far’ and not giving it up just because everyone else was doing it.

You go girl. Stay strong and keep your virginity until you’re 60.

Seriously, keep it.

The YouTuber said she wants more than lust; she wants to develop a ‘deeply rooted connection’ with someone before having sex for the first time.

She had like 17 years to do that.

Like the dried up old hags putting off motherhood, this Kristina creature tries to keep forever young with cheap diet tricks and makeup. The clock never stopped.

She’s old now.

So, quick question: how much is the virginity of an infertile old woman worth to you?