High Yella Quadroon Calls Out Cuckservative Female Who Adopted Black Retard Child

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2018

I’m definitely siding with the high yella quadroon on this one, guys.

This is why the right does not need female advocates at all.

Except Sarah Sanders (💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖). She doesn’t adopt retards and tbh appears to have pretty high testosterone levels. She just SERVES THE GOD EMPEROR. She also doesn’t go around counting niggers, or hiring them.

This bitch here though, wow.

Daily Caller:

Trump campaign adviser Gina Loudon referenced her adoption of a black child with down syndrome while in a debate with liberal CNN analyst Angela Rye. “I have an adopted minority son,”Loudon said, “who happens to have Down Syndrome. He experiences bigotry every single day in a myriad of ways, not just because of his skin color but also because of his disability.”

In response, Rye huffed and rolled her eyes saying dismissively of Loudon’s decision to bring up her adoption, “America has never been great, and it’s not great because people like you come on and lie for the President of the United States and then tout, bring out your son as an example. Like, you gotta be completely ashamed of yourself.”

America was great because people didn’t used to do that. Actually.

The critical comments drew ire of online commentators and reporters. Loudon shared her response to the incident with the Daily Caller. In it, she says she and her son are familiar to “bullying” but will “outshine their darkness.

Okay so firstly, the high yella knows exactly what the manipulative white bitch is doing as soon as she starts.

She turns her head away from the camera and does a deep-breath getting ready for the Ultimate Signaling Experience, then fixes a “bitch, you sure went low with that” frown.

Because black people are simpler in mind, they can see through this sort of thing much easier.

There is no “oh, what a sweet woman, adopting a colored retard” sentiment that you get from white people. It’s just “this bitch did that shit so she could brag about it and use it as a talking point.”

Honestly, I’ve never even heard of adopting a Down Syndrome baby. We obviously all know about the adopting brown baby phenomenon, but a Down Brown is taking it to the max.

I of course believe that Down Syndrome babies should be aborted, and if they are post-birth, should be post-birth aborted. They do not have souls, and thus are evil. I had a distant relative who married a woman outside of his league who couldn’t get a husband because she had a Downs mutant (father had left because of mutant), and they ended up divorced.

Downs mutants destroy lives and families and they cost a lot of money, and they should either be outright euthanized or used in medical experiments.

The only reason a person would adopt a brown baby – let alone a Downs Brown – is to socially signal and to use it as a talking point and this is demented and manipulative on a scale that is hard for me to even process.

This stems from the whole ban on taking our own side. Which was created by women, or the feminine spirit generally, which has a much lower tendency toward in-group affiliation and a much higher desire to signal moral goodness based on established standards (regardless of how those standards were established).

We need to take our own side.

All of this “Democrats are the real racists” bullshit has to stop. It doesn’t work on ANYONE. It is solely an indulgence of a bourgeoisie class among the old GOP. It is hollow moral grandstanding which is seen for exactly what it is by anyone who is not a part of the same cult of feelgood.

It weakens the power of our arguments, and it demoralizes the people who should be the most enthusiastic.

It is 100% obvious to everyone on the planet that the implicit meaning of “Make America Great Again” is “Restore Traditional American Racial Demographics and at Least Get Black People Back in Their Place.”

Trying to dance around that using retarded brown babies as props is completely sickening and bizarre.

The black bitch won that debate by default.

“More black people have jobs because of Trump” is an actually legitimate talking point. “I have a retarded nigger adopted child, how absolutely dare you” is a dyed-blonde middle-aged white female lunatic talking point.

The cuckservatives writing articles attempting to do the leftist moral outage bit about how this mulatto didn’t care about the white woman’s moral signaling prop should be ashamed of themselves.