High Yella Female Who Shot White Cop Given 46 Years in Prison

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2018

Karisa Daniels.

When was the last time a White woman shot a cop after he tried to pull her over for speeding?

Can you even think of an example?


Local media report 23-year-old Karisa Daniels of Durham was sentenced Tuesday for the six felony charges she faced in connection with the September incident, including trying to kill a police officer.

Police said Senior Trooper C.A. Putnam pulled Daniels over for speeding outside Richmond in September. When Putnam walked up to Daniels’ car, police said she sped away. A chase ensued, ending after she turned into a cul-de-sac.

Police said Daniels got out of her car and shot the trooper as he approached her on foot. A second trooper took her into custody.