High School Students Dress as Thugs on “Thug Day,” Get Accused of Racism

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2019

In another instance of “white people are not allowed to have fun,” a predominantly white high school is under social media attack for hosting a “thug day” where everyone dressed up as thugs.

Daily Mail:

A predominantly white Houston high school has cancelled the remaining day of its spirit week after receiving flack for hosting a ‘thug day’ for rising senior week.

Approximately 30 students at Memorial High School in Hedwig Village dressed as ‘thugs’ for the special day by wearing chains, jerseys, sported fake tattoos and even put their hair in cornrows.

As of 2017, the school is said to be 66% white with just 2% of students identifying as black.

‘Memorial High School’s ‘thug’ day for rising senior spirit week… yes this ACTUALLY happened TODAY at an actual high school but y’all keep saying ‘racism isnt a problem anymore’… right alright,’ said a woman who initially shared photos of the day.

Her post has been shared almost 17,000 times and has brought a series of comments from previous students sharing that the school has a history of insensitive days.

The same initial poster shared images from 2015 that show that the theme has been carried out for a few years.

Alum Paige Moskowitz shared that the school even hosted a ‘Seniorita’ day.

Don’t worry though, the school has apologized for its whiteness already.

Administrators at the school sent a statement home to parents and admitted that they had approved the day.

‘Memorial High School has a longstanding tradition for its rising juniors to have special dress days during the week before finals to celebrate the fact that this student class will soon be seniors,’ they said in the statement. ‘MHS junior class officers worked together with students and administrators to create approved Monday-Friday dress-up themes: Hippie, Jersey, 2000s, USA/America, Hawaiian.

On Tuesday, some rising juniors wore inappropriate dress and body/hair decorations as part of an alternative, unapproved response to the theme day. As a shared expectation about the theme was clearly violated, MHS has cancelled all remaining dress theme days for the remainder of this week.

Keep in mind that there are no allegations of anyone getting called a nigger. There’s nothing really racist here.

It’s just white teens dressing up in clothes that are predominantly worn by blacks — who predominantly happen to be thugs.

What is really the problem? Are they somehow implying that blacks are not thugs or that thugs don’t dress like that? It’s a weird thing to get upset about.

But it’s not surprising, given how white teens are not allowed to have a sense of humor anymore.

That said, this shows that the whiter the school, the more fun you’ll have. Blacks and browns make everything bad (just look at their countries), but “concerned” politically-correct whites talking about how racist it is to have fun and joke around are even worse, as they’re the enablers of this Jewish “diversity” madness.

Don’t let them stop you from having fun though.

Don’t let them take your sense of humor. They’ve taken enough from us already.

There’s people waiting to hear your jokes and laugh with you.