Hide Your Amazon Packages Before Street Urchins Get to Them

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2018

As many of you may know, crime in America is growing in three key sectors:

MS-13 initiation murders

Doing the murders Americans won’t do.

Boomers getting PILLOW’d

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People stealing Amazon packages

I can totally see why people are doing this.

Think about it: your neighbor has a package just lying there in front of their door, mocking you, showing off that he can afford an Amazon Prime account and one-day shipping, God who does he think he is? He always acts like he’s better than me… well I’ll show him.


Stealing packages at homes has become such a common crime in Houston but one homeowner discovered a new, strange twist to it. His home surveillance cameras recorded videos showing a child stealing his packages under instructions from an adult.

Homeowner Joseph Diaz expressed shock on what he saw. He said: “I could not believe it. It’s something I’ve never seen before.”

The incident took place in the Southwood subdivision of the 3rd Ward last week at around 3 in the afternoon.

The captured surveillance video shows a man walking along the street with a 7-or-8-year-old girl and a much younger boy.

The man is shown carrying the girl’s backpack and it appears that they were walking home from a nearby elementary school. Then the man could be heard instructing the little girl to “grab everything” from the porch- about five packages in all, including a large box.  

Using your children as thieves? That’s gypsy behavior. These parents are teaching their children to act like gypsy street urchins now to steal wine-openers, replacement charger cords and other lazy weekday impulse buys.


Upon further examination of the evidence, I realized the child was a Niglett and the father a full-grown Nigtrio and they stole it from a spic family in Houston. The video blurred out the face, but I noticed the color of the arms upon a further inspection.

Diaz could not shake off his shock at what he discovered, especially how twisted the man who ordered such a thing to a child is. He shared: “They just came out of school and then you go and tell your kid to steal for you? That’s just the most frustrating, heartbreaking thing any parent, any person can see.”’

Diaz is not so worried about the stolen packages as they merely contain “little, petty things” but what he is more concerned about is how the unfortunate incident will impact on the child and the wrong values she’ll get from the horrible experience she was made to go through.

Diaz immediately alerted the Houston police about the incident. It is unlikely that the man will get away with his theft package crime aggravated further by the ruthless involvement of a child as Diaz has also reached out to the nearby elementary school, showing the officials the video in the hope someone will recognize the children and eventually identify the culprit, the man who accompanied and instructed the little girl to steal for him.

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You gotta be careful of two things when it comes to your Amazon packages: jealous neighbors and niggers. 

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