Hezbollah Says They Don’t Play That, Will Strike Back at Jews If They Don’t Let Up

As some people no doubt noticed over the last week or so, I’ve been reading through Hunter S. Thompson’s catalog. I plan to write some big 50,000 word tribute/homage/rip-off at some point.

In Hell’s Angels, the Hell’s Angels speak of the all-negro biker club and say “they’ve got class – for niggers.”

That’s how I feel about Hezbollah.

Times of Israel:

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday that his terror group does not seek escalation with Israel, but will respond in kind to any Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon.

“We wanted to tell our Israeli enemy that any airstrike against Lebanon will absolutely be met with a response — but in an appropriate, proportional way,” he said.

Nasrallah made the remarks in a televised address celebrating Hezbollah’s self-described “victory” in the 2006 Second Lebanon War against Israel. The speech was scheduled before tensions escalated between Israel and the terror group along the Lebanese border earlier this week.

Israel struck targets in south Lebanon early Thursday in response to what the Israel Defense Forces said was rocket fire by Palestinian terror groups in the area.

On Friday, Hezbollah fired 19 missiles toward open areas in the north of Israel, its heaviest barrage since the 2006 Second Lebanon War. Israel responded with several rounds of artillery strikes. Witnesses reported artillery fire by Israeli forces on the Lebanese side of Shebaa Farms and outside the town of Kafr Shouba after the attack.

Casually calling Hezbollah “a terror group” is not very classy.

They’re a political party and citizen’s defense militia.

Basically, anyone who resists Jewish terror is labeled “terrorist” by the Jew media (and not just the Israeli Jew media!).

I’ve said from the beginning: I don’t know where the next war is going to kick off, but it’s going to kick off majorly pretty soon.

It looked like it was gonna be China, then it looked like it was gonna be Russia, now it looks like it’s gonna be Iran.

Those are the three major targets, and one or more of them are going to feel the hellish, neurotic wrath of Jew terror sooner rather than later.

A new war with Lebanon is the obvious entry point for a war with Iran.