Hezbollah Leader Specifically Denounced Killing Any American Civilians

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2020

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, allegedly “threatened Americans.” The media kept saying that.

But if you actually watch the video, he explicitly says NOT to target American civilians, and that he denounces any killings of American civilians, and only wants to hit valid military targets.

The fact that this was so drastically misreported really speaks to the entire issue that we’re dealing with regarding these Jews and their media.

Whatever you think of the situation in the Middle East, it is obviously a war, and obviously in a war, soldiers kill other soldiers. No one, including Donald Trump, can explain why we have American troops in the Middle East in the first place, and yet he keeps whining about soldiers being killed in a warzone.

No one wants to see American soldiers get killed. But the fact is, they are occupying other people’s land, and it is simply natural law that if you are invaded by a foreign military, you kill their soldiers. That isn’t something political, it is just part of the most fundamental nature of human society.

So, calling on people to kill invading soldiers is a lot different than calling on people to “kill Americans” generally. It should always be qualified, and the media refusing to do that is clearly a distortion of reality.