Hey – Sorry I’m Late

We had a technical issue this morning. It was my fault, not the fault of our most gracious and most humble systems administrator.

As far as I’m aware, the front page was up the whole time, but I wasn’t able to do updates. This rarely happens, so I just want to apologize to the British, Germans and Scandinavians, as well as early-bird Americans.

If you’re British, you’re probably reading this in tomorrow’s morning. I’m going to do a slightly slower update Tuesday, so we don’t waste content.

This particular article might actually still be up at the beginning of the American morning, as new articles will roll out several hours later than usual – it’s not like there’s a lot of major breaking news these days anyway, and mostly I’m just scanning the news for conversation starters that allow me to rant on my issues. There isn’t much that anyone really needs to know that isn’t obvious already.

I’ve been enjoying covering Bitcoin, but other than that, it’s a pretty “whatever” news cycle.

It was my fault site was down – but actually, it was more the fault of the readership. Because you people do not send money, and I don’t even have a staff to deal with basic things.

I had a negro boy assistant. He couldn’t read, but he would make the coffee and the soup. But, well. Misfortune befell him.

The site is almost entirely funded by big donors, and I don’t really know when big donors are going to donate, so we just wait for it to come in and then hope the price of crypto goes up to cover things. This is basically the worst business model anyone has ever had ever in all of history. But that’s because this site is not really a business, but just my personal love project to the world.

You might call it a man’s action.

It would all be much easier if you people committed to sending monthly. If it is $5, $10, $20 or $100 – whatever you think the site is worth, send it.

Obviously, if you want to send a lot of money at once, you should also do that, because that is the current business model keeping things alive.

But added to that, it would be so much better if there were more people who don’t have a lot of money but would just take the time to send the small amounts regularly. That would enable us to plan a little bit better (or a lot better, depending on how many people did it).

It’s not like you can’t afford $5 a month for something that you spend 10-20 hours a month reading (which is the average). That’s only a quarter to fifty cents an hour. It won’t impact your finances.

If you haven’t donated, and you read this site every day, you need to ask yourself what is going on with your personal self. I’m sure there’s probably things we’ve said that you don’t like, and maybe you use that as an excuse – “oh, I’m not sending money because of that thing he said that I didn’t like that one time.” However, you need to understand that this is part of the purpose of the site – it is intended to challenge people by saying things they don’t like. If we haven’t somehow offended every reader, than we’re not doing the job correctly.

It’s good to be pressed on, and to have to think about things, question yourself and your beliefs. It is one of the methods I’ve tried to use to convince people of my views. Examining yourself is part of a man’s adventure.

The question is: do you read it? If you are reading it and not sending money then what is going on there? We’re providing a service. Most sites make you look at or listen to ads, sell you things otherwise, shill subscriptions and so on. We cannot do any of that because of the censorship. I had a 10-year and a 20-year plan for the site, which would have made it bigger than any other alternative media site, and my dreams were crushed by these Jews.

You’re getting something out of the site, or you wouldn’t keep coming here.

Just think for a minute about what your life would be like if you never found this site. Think about it.

We’ve solved a lot of mysteries here like a smashing detective.

We’ve talked about many men’s issues, and I’ve spoken to you man-to-man.

What’s more – other people are getting something out of the site. By sending money, you are enabling more people to experience this information.

I can’t receive credit card money or cash.

However, sending money is very easy; there is an entire guide on it. It’s also 100% private, using a crypto currency that is encrypted and has never been hacked. As you know, I’m a big proponent of Bitcoin, but we stopped receiving it because I was worried about privacy issues surrounding it.

The guide shows you how to send any amount – big or small – totally encrypted. You can use cash, a credit card, whatever to buy this token and send it to me. It might take you an hour the first time if you’re older or not tech savvy. If you’re younger and/or more tech savvy, it will take 20 minutes or so. Every time after that, it will just take 2-3 minutes.

What’s more: many people who got into crypto in order to donate to the site ended up keeping some for themselves and got rich from it. Good things happen to those who do good things.

Furthermore: I’m preparing a series of Christian articles that is going to be better than anything any modern church ever did for you. So you should donate to me like I’m a preacher – because actually, I kind of am.

We’re planning the future here, folks. We’re gonna get through these rough times, then establish the good times.

That is to say: we’re going to escape to adventure.