Hey If One of You Readers Stole This Rabbit, You Need to Give It Back

If any of my readers stole this rabbit, I demand you give it back.


Police say one of the world’s biggest bunnies has been stolen from its home in central England.

Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit, disappeared from his enclosure in a backyard in the village of Stoulton over the weekend, the West Mercia Police force said. They did not elaborate on why they thought it was a theft instead of an escape.

The force appealed for any information about or sightings of Darius, who is gray-brown and 129 centimeters (4 feet, 3 inches) long at full stretch. He holds the Guinness World Records citation for the world’s longest rabbit. Rabbits of his type are known to weigh about 15 to 20 pounds (7 to 9 kilograms).

Owner Annette Edwards, a large-rabbit breeder and model, urged the culprit or culprits to return Darius to his home 160 kilometers (100 miles) northwest of London, saying it was a “very sad day.”

Sad doesn’t begin to cover it.

She’s raised the reward to 2,000 pounds – which, by coincidence, is how much the rabbit weighs.

But seriously, this is nasty.

Give it back.

This rabbit is as big as a human, meaning it probably is as intelligent as a human. It just can’t speak because of its vocal cords.

But he’s really sad and missing his mother.