“He’s a Good Boy” – Mother of Good Boy Who Killed Baby While Fleeing in Stolen Car

People make mistakes.

But in our systematically racist society, for a black man, one mistake is enough to get him hauled off to jail.

New York Post:

The suspect busted in the hit-and-run crash that killed a 3-month-old girl in Brooklyn was ordered held on bail Sunday — after it was revealed at his arraignment that he asked arresting officers to go easy on him.

Wrong-way driver Tyrik Mott, 28, was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on the top charge of attempted robbery for allegedly trying to steal a 41-year-old driver’s car to get away after the fatal collision Saturday in Clinton Hill.

Judge Deepa Ambekar ordered Mott held on $100,000 cash bail or $200,000 partially secured bond at his arraignment.

Mott allegedly blew a red light before crashing into another car, killing the baby being pushed in a stroller by her mom on a sidewalk, cops have said.

The suspect was caught after fleeing on foot and trying to steal another driver’s car, according to authorities.

At that point, Mott asked officers “if he could just get a ticket,” Assistant District Attorney Tzyonah Langsam said in court Sunday night.

You think this isn’t a racist society?

Why are they keeping him on cash bail? We were supposed to abolish cash bail due to its roots in slavery, Jim Crow and the Holocaust of six million Jews.

Mott’s private attorney, Lance Lazzaro, argued his client should be set free.

“The way that they wrote this case up, it should have been an ROR,” Lazzaro told The Post after the arraignment.

“She did not follow the factors under the new bail reform statute,” Lazzaro said, referring to the judge. “And, had she followed it, it would have been an ROR. He is recommended for release, he had no criminal record,” the lawyer said.

About five of Mott’s relatives attended his arraignment, including his mother, who defended him in a brief interview.

“He’s a good boy,” the mother, who only identified herself as Mrs. Mott, told The Post.

There you have it – he’s a good boy.

His mother would know, wouldn’t she?

But of course, his mother’s testimony doesn’t matter to the white judge – to the white judge, his mother is just another dumb nigger with black skin. White people are incapable of recognizing that just because someone’s skin is dark, it doesn’t make them any less human.

It’s disgusting what this country does to blacks. The George Floyd protests didn’t even make a dent in the force field of hatred for the color of the skin. The jet fuel of the fires of BLM could not melt the steel beams of institutional hatred.

Speaking of good boys who make small mistakes and have the entire force of the racist justice system come down on them, here’s another such case from today.

The Bronx man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s battered 1-year-old son told law enforcement that the baby was “irking me” by crying and claimed he wasn’t tossing the child around “that hard” to get him to stop, according to court papers.

Keishawn Gordon, 23, was remanded at his arraignment Saturday in the killing of little Legacy Beauford, who was found unresponsive Thursday in a bedroom at the Webster Houses in Morrisania.

Gordon — who lived in the apartment with Legacy’s mother, Jessica Melendez — allegedly punched the crying baby, breaking his ribs and lacerating his liver, according to police sources.

Law enforcement sources have told The Post that Gordon then took a toothbrush and sodomized the boy with it.

The baby’s lacerated liver caused internal bleeding, which was determined to be the ultimate cause of death, according to the city Medical Examiner’s Office. The baby also was found with blunt-force trauma on his torso and bruising on his face, among other injuries, authorities and sources said.

Gordon, who has 18 prior arrests, said in the complaint that he “wasn’t squeezing [Legacy’s] stomach that hard” and was “holding him up in the air and throwing him.

“I was frustrated he wouldn’t stop crying. He kept throwing up. I mushed him. He was irking me,” he told investigators, according to the complaint.

And where is Keishawn now?

You guessed it: in jail.

That’s despite the fact that our society supposedly had a “reckoning” with racism last year and decided that it was wrong to put blacks in jail.

Do you think a white man would be in jail simply for accidentally beating an infant to death and sodomizing it with a toothbrush?

It’s a rhetorical question.

Imagine being a black mother and not knowing if your son is going to come home tonight because he might end up in a confrontation with racist cops simply because he beat an infant to death and sodomized it with a toothbrush. That’s a fear that every black mother has to deal with, every day.