Hervé Ryssen Convicted by French Court for Humorous Twitter Meme

Diversity Macht Frei
February 2, 2019

French counter-Semitic activist Hervé Ryssen (kind of a French David Duke) was convicted of “négationnisme” [Holocaust Denial] on Wednesday for a meme he posted in a tweet in October 2017. He was ordered to pay 5000 euros in damages and interest, as well as 2000 euros for legal costs, to LICRA (League against racism and antisemitism), which made the complaint against him.

…For disputing the existence of a crime against humanity and for defamation of the Jewish community, he was ordered to pay 6000 euros, which will become a prison sentence if the money is not paid.

He did not attend the trial, nor was he legally represented.

The meme he posted was a collage of Auschwitz with the figures from a French movie poster, La vérité si je mens! 3 [Would I lie to you? 3]. These films are a comedy series about a poor goy given a job by a rich Jew because the Jew wrongly believes him to be Jewish. The goy then learns how to act Jewish and woos the boss’s daughter.