Heroic Swede Terrifies AIDS-ridden Homos at Pride Parade

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2016


This month is Pride-month in Sweden. This means all the freaks that would otherwise stay at home to avoid the sun’s stare get out to show themselves. They move like goblins in their parades and spread their filth to anyone who sees it. It does not make things better that Pride is seen as a family thing now by many.

Luckily, the protests against this LGBTP filth is rising.

Nordic Youth protested against Pride in Stockholm last year

A couple of days ago, a brave man decided that enough is enough and he’s gonna say what he thinks about the whole Jew-supported spectacle and thus made a sign. ”Pride is a threat to a healthy society,” it said.

Look what happened when the demon-possessed hordes of androgynous blobs of fat saw the sign:

6:00 and onwards

This. Is. Insane.

Look at that bald half-naked slut. Is that a tranny? I don’t even know. If you keep looking you’ll see the guy being arrested by guards as well. For holding that very tame and mild sign.

The brave hero was placed in a cell for five hours, when the norm is to just be forcefully removed from the area. The cop was reported to have said ”No, let’s place this little shit in the cell.”

Police dances in a Pride parade with the Israeli ambassador, look how happy the fat kike is

Worthy of notice is that the Swedish LGBT movement is packed with pedophiles. Which shouldn’t really be a surprise to people.

Disgusting pedophile Kjell Rindar inaugurated Pride for the homo hordes 2012 for example. This monster has tried to remove the concept of a legal age of consent as well as the normalization of pedophilia (or as he puts it, ”pedosexuality”). This guy is a top homo lobbyist and has been doing this since homo lobbying was a thing.


Pathetic pedo pig Kjell Rindar (to the left)

This is irrefutable proof that we as the Alt-Right must remain faithful in our anti-gay positions. Everyone who thinks tolerance for these people is a positive thing will soon be positive in a whole other way.

The Jew often tries to subvert us Alt-Righters by claiming some homos are OK, but we know God didn’t save a single bugchaser from the fires of Sodom and Gomorrah.


This is 100% true