Heroic Millennial Neckbeard Betrayed by Boomer Terrorist Parents Talks Circles Around CNN Cumdumpster

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2018

This interview is truly incredible.

The Millennial HERO Michael Rotondo – one man who had the nerve to stand up to his selfish, entitled, bloodsucking boomer parents – literally talked circles around the roastie hooker Brooke Baldwin.

Baldwin, experts on the topic of roasties assert, has taken “no fewer than 15,000 cocks in her bizarre journey.”

“We’re talking about beef curtains reaching 10, 11 inches in length,” the experts added.

The world was handed to her on a golden plate of cocks.

Rotondo on the other hand is a¬†quintessential victim of the eternal boomer – pissers away of the white man’s birthright – who now wish to kick him in the face.

Without a moist hole, which entitles him to free everything in the way that Baldwin is entitled, he has had to deal with the fallout of the hellscape that the boomers created.

They sold all of our manufacturing out of the country, they flooded us with tens of millions of invasive, parasitical brown people, they encouraged us to rack-up debt for useless college degrees or they sent us to fight their deranged wars for Israel.

When they were in their mid-twenties, they were just coming down off of a ten year drug trip and sex orgy that society paid for, and decided to join the workforce and get huge salaries that allowed them to buy mansions in the suburbs while working 40 hours a week.

We have no such options. No options anywhere even close to that. We are living in the gutted corpse of a civilization, with 20% of the economic and social options they had at our age, because of the situation they created.

This heroic Rotondo is also in the midst of dealing with some stupid whore who kidnapped his son (with the aid of the state) – who set up the social paradigm wherein these stupid whores can simply steal a man’s children?

OH RIGHT I REMEMBER – the same boomers who want to call this man “entitled” for being incapable of dealing with the nightmare world their abominably, cartoonishly self-centered behavior created.

And somehow, these blood-drinkers, who literally sold their children, their grandchildren and every future generation into slavery for material pleasures, breaking a hitherto unbroken chain of civilization that goes back to ancient Greece, believe they have a right to tell us something about how we should be living our lives.

I can hardly even take it.

I cannot wait until these people are dead.

But it was some consultation to see this millennial neckbeard publicly humiliate the used up roastie “Baldwin, Defender of Boomers” in such a degrading and brutal manner.