Heroic Little White Girls Saved Schoolbus from Grave Negroid Threat

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2019

You think little girls can’t be heroes? You clearly aren’t a man of culture like me.

Like most people, I’ve always assumed that contrived plot lines like a gaggle of little girls saving the world from darkness was something that only happened in anime and light novels.

But as it turns out, there might be something to these Japs’ obsession with heroic little girls.

Should we start to seriously consider building a few Gundams and getting these youngsters to pilot them?

If a few 10-year-old girls can neutralize a single negro threat, imagine how much damage could be done – erm, I mean how many lives could be saved – if they’d be armed with one of these bad boys?


A 10-year-old African American girl who was beaten up on a school bus in upstate New York told police her two attackers called her the N-word as the bus monitor did nothing, according to court documents obtained by CNN affiliate WWNY.

The victim’s mother reported the incident to police on September 10. Her mother said her daughter had a black eye, some of her hair had been pulled out and her knee was bruised after falling into the school bus seat, Gouverneur police said. Gouverneur is about 100 miles north of Syracuse.

The victim, a fifth grader at Gouverneur Middle School, wrote she believed this happened “because of the color of my skin, how my hair looks, how I dress and that I look different from them.”

Court documents to do not identify the race of the two girls or bus monitor charged, but WWNY identified all three as white.

In a deposition, the victim wrote that the incident began on September 9 when a girl asked to know her first and last name, her grade and her age.

“I told [redacted name] that it was none of her business and that I wasn’t answering her questions. [Redacted name] then told me that I had to tell her or I was going to get into trouble. I still did not answer [redacted name’s] question and she kicked me in the right knee,” the victim wrote in the deposition.

Then the next day, the victim wrote the same girl was accompanied by another girl. The two discussed how the victim tried to fight the day before.

“I didn’t want to fight anyone,” the victim wrote.

The three then exchanged words. The victim wrote that one of the girls called her the N-word and the other called her “a b***h.”

You want us to believe that this negress was just minding her own business quietly, when two 10-year-old White girl bullies came in and started beating her up out of nowhere?


Good joke, Laniqueesha.

Black children are never quietly minding their own business.

This is how they are by default:

So you want us to believe that, in the 0.0000000000000001% of the time when this girl was doing absolutely nothing to disturb the public order, that coincidentally was the moment chosen by these heroic little White girls to bully her?

Does CNN think the public is that ignorant of statistics?


The more likely scenario is that the Blackie’s classmates had grown used to tolerating her abhorrent behavior, yet the young Negress crossed a line that day that made the White girls fear for the public’s safety, and compelled them to take action.

I’d wager every passenger on that bus would be dead by now if those brave young girls had remained idle.

God bless ’em.

Sgt. Darren Fairbanks with the Gouverneur police wrote in his deposition that surveillance video showed Spicer did go to the back of the bus during the attack, but did nothing when one of the students yelled the N-word in front of her. She did nothing to stop the attack other than say: “You guys are worse than my kids.”

Spicer has not returned CNN’s request for comment.

Fairbanks also wrote the surveillance video showed a girl pulling the victims hair saying twice that “(N-word) always start it” and then “I like my people, but I don’t like your people.”

Indeed, those N-words always start it. Have you ever witnessed an N-word not starting it?

That was a rhetorical question.

After a police investigation the two white girls, ages 10 and 11, were arrested Monday and charged with one count of second-degree aggravated harassment.

The 11-year-old girl also was charged with assault and a third-degree hate crime. The hate crime charge is a felony, Fairbanks said.

This is anarcho-tyranny, folks.

Heroes, who selflessly confront evil (like Black girls in buses) to make our communities safer, are being treated like criminals.

They’re arresting 10-year-old little girls – for the crime of saving people’s lives!

Where is justice?

But more importantly, who’s going to pilot our damn Gundams if all the heroic little girls are in jail for hate crimes?