Heroic Canadian Boomer Woman Tells Curry-Wench to Stop Spawning on Her Bus

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

*EDMONTON AB*For the first time in my life, I experienced racism on the ETS. She first started off by calling my 8 month pregnant friend a fat bitch and started then calling me down saying that we belong at the shelter and soooo much more, this was the end of what had happened and I wish I had caught the whole thing. I appreciate the Kookum & the bus driver for sticking up for us in this sad situation. Bus route 4. Capilano to WEM. *Keep in mind I had my 6 month old son and she still attacked us*

Gepostet von Dalen Cardinal am Donnerstag, 1. November 2018

This is the profile picture of the woman that uploaded the video to Facebook:

Sputnik News:

On Thursday, a woman was kicked off a bus in Edmonton, in the Canadian province of Alberta, after yelling racist remarks at a pregnant woman. The incident was caught on camera.

Say mean words? Walk in the snow, racist.

At least I didn’t get knocked up,” an unidentified woman in a white jacket is heard saying to a female passenger, who is reportedly pregnant.

“At least I didn’t do the only thing I was born a woman for.”

Well that’s sad for you,” the passenger, whose name is not revealed, responds. “I’m really happy.”

The whole reason women are women and not men is so they can grow babies inside them.

Fulfilling their purpose brings them joy.

Yes you are, because the government supports you,” the woman in the white jacket responds.

It boils down to women not wanting to share the resources they extract from men.

They used to take care of men to protect their access to resources, but now that welfare makes all men responsible for all women, they can ignore us and fight other women for the attention and resources of their new collective husband: the State.

It’s none of your f**king business who supports who,” a witness sitting behind the woman in white is heard saying.

Oh, but it is.

“F**k off,” the woman in white snaps back.

She’s basically sleeping with her husband.

This once again proves that white women only support immigration because most immigrants are men and they enjoy the attention. The moment curry-wenches start hopping the border, they start getting super jealous.

Lads, there’s only one way we can guarantee we have enough votes to build the wall, end birthright citizenship, and revoke the citizenship of all alien minorities.

We must begin to import massive numbers of cute east asian and slavic women.

Those cunts will be voting to close the border in no time.