Heroic Anti-Hoax Fighter Elon Musk Tells the People to Take the Red Pill

Elon Musk has become the foremost hero in the fight against the establishment, being one of the only members of the establishment to take a hardline position against the coronavirus hoax.

To understand the extent to which he is trying to wake people up to the truth of the matter, please read my article going through his recent interview on Joe Rogan, where he breaks down the entire flu hoax using all of my talking points.

On Twitter on Sunday, he went directly to the heart of the matter, telling people: “take the red pill.”

This is not simply good advice, it is also a dog-whistle to those in the know that Elon is totally in the know – not just on the coronavirus hoax, but on everything else.

I have criticized Musk in the past for various things, so it should mean more coming from me now to say: I’m totally on-board with whatever he has planned, I will fight for him on the internet, and would be honored to advise him in any capacity that he is interested in receiving my advice.

As a resume, I suggest people read all of these think-tank papers saying my memes were responsible for electing Donald Trump. Although I don’t really believe that is true, the fact is, well-funded establishment think-tanks said it, so there is certainly something there.

Due to Musk’s problems speaking, he is clearly going to need a spokesperson as the very first step in his revolution. There is no shame in this. Moses himself had to have a spokesperson, due to his autism.

There is therefore no problem here. It is simply that Musk needs to pick a good person to speak for him, preferably one who will not be convinced by a bunch of skanks to tell the people to melt down their jewelry and make a golden cow to worship if Elon has to go for some alone time at any point.

We have virtually no one on our side right now, as we try to form an alliance against the freedom-wreckers of the US government.

Sadly, Musk’s interview with Joe Rogan got very little play, and instead, everyone who reported on it simply talked about how Elon couldn’t pronounce his newborn son’s weird name.

As a first step moving forward, I would say that Elon should appear on Tucker Carlson. We need to let the world know what his position is on this issue, and right now, the world doesn’t know. That was obviously the plan for the Rogan interview, but the media simply ignored it.

They won’t ignore a Tucker interview, as they will wish to paint Elon as a malicious right-winger for appearing on it. However, all of the people who are not right-wing who follow Musk will not be convinced by that, and all of the people who follow Fox News will then be intrigued by Musk. The rest of the world will simply be informed of Musk’s positions, and his knowledgeability on the issue.

I would not appear on the Tucker show in a regular capacity. What I would instead do, if I were Elon Musk, is ask for a special interview, like the ones that Tucker has occasionally done with the president.

These interviews are heavily edited. Get Tucker to agree verbally (and in writing, for the sake of formality) to edit the interview in such a way that it does not highlight the autism in the way the Rogan interview did.

I have zero doubt that Tucker will agree to do this, and from there it’s off to the races.

I understand that there is the existing issue that Musk cannot be president because he was not born in America, but we’re a long way off from dealing with that issue, and it is a bridge we will burn when we get to it. I do not really believe that America as it exists currently is going to exist for very much longer, so I do not think the issue will ever arise. Right now, this is all simply about getting together a movement of people that supports freedom, and we need someone like Elon Musk, who has status from the old world, to serve as a figurehead and an ideological leader of the movement.

You have the opportunity to be a part of history here, Elon. This is going to mean a lot more than building a car or a rocket. And if you are successful, and are able to seize control and install a regime of freedom for the people, your dreams of colonizing Mars will become manifest in this new world you bring forth.

If you choose this path, Mr. Musk, then I will lay my sword at your feet and swear allegiance to your freedom quest.