Heroic AfD Chief, Grandaughter of Nazi, Agrees All Invaders Should be Shot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2016


Beatrix von Storch, the whole internet salutes you.

The heroic female AfD Berlin Chief has bravely announced support for shooting invasive hajis attempting to cross the border, including women and children.


The Berlin AFD Chief Beatrix von Storch finds it fundamentally correct to prevent women with children from crossing the border, by force of arms if necessary. On her Facebook page she affirmed the relevant question of a user. After a flood of critical comments she later explained: “I am fundamentally opposed to violence against children, which includes the use of firearms against migrant minors by the police.”

Storch, who is also deputy AfD national chairman and MEP, had made a statement on Saturday on her Facebook page regarding the controversial statements AfD national chairman Frauke Petry. This was in an interview with the “Mannheimer Morgen” the use of firearms at border controls required to prevent illegal border crossings.

One commenter asked von Storch from the network: “Will you support preventing women with children crossing the green field at gunpoint?” Storch answered simply “yes.”

It was obviously a trick question, bringing up the emotional issue of “women with children,” but it is nonetheless a fact that you either have a border or you do not. Women with children are not somehow allowed to break laws because they are women and children.

Presumably, the military wouldn’t need to fire on women and children, but if they did, they could easily shoot-out their kneecaps rather than go for the headshot.

Nobody likes thinking about shooting women and children. But there are a lot of things about reality no one likes thinking about, and the reality is that we have to defend ourselves.


We need to recognize that this is an invasion, meaning it is wartime, meaning that enemy combatants are enemy combatants regardless of age or sex.

I don’t have a whole lot of hope in AfD, generally, as they are just so soft. But these statements improve my faith.

Beatrix is of royal descent, and her maternal grandfather was Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk, who served as German Finance Minister under Adolf Hitler. He was one of only two men to serve in Hitler’s cabinet for the entire 12 years of the Hitlerian age.