Hero Spencer Under Brutal Assault by Cuckolded Faggots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2016

As all reading are presumably aware – because we’ve been covering it nonstop for three days, just like the rest of the media – Richard Spencer gave an absolutely fantastic speech at NPI over the weekend at NPI, ending it with a sieg heil to Trump and to the white race.

And the crowd threw up straight armed salutes.

It was glorious.

He named the Jew, as did others at the conference. It was approximately a 9000 point upgrade from previous NPI conferences, which I was personally never thrilled by.

Thrilled by this though, let me tell you.


Now, Richard Spencer has entered our realm, and he gets to enjoy everything that goes along with that.

Immediately after the conference, the sickening rat scum – which had previously been friendly with Spencer – started hissing and clawing and the man.

Two of the most aggressive were uber-cuck Paul Joseph Watson and self-helper Mike Cernovich.

Watson went on a ridiculous tweet rampage which appears to still be going on now.

He started out by calling him a fed.

Because of course!

Anyone who dares talk about Jews or pay any sort of tribute to Hitler is a fed like Hal Turner!

I’ve heard that before!

Joe Cuckson then explains to us that there are two kinds of Alt-Right – Spencer is the bad kind!

As we all know, the Alt-Right is and has always been the same thing as it is right now – a white identity movement.

I had previously identified Spencer as “Alt-Lite” because he didn’t talk about Jews. Now Watson is saying Spencer – the guy who the media has announced is the leader of the Alt-Right – isn’t really Alt-Right. The real Alt-Right is multiracial and about wearing hats and joking around.


At least he’s now calling his interracial gang-bang version “New Right.”

Looks like we finally have this term for ourselves. Finally.

Just as I join the Republican party…

He followed this with a video of Spencer and another accusation he’s some type of shill.

He then endorsed Cernovich (who we’ll get to later) saying that Spencer is not really Alt-Right.

I don’t know if Richard Spencer is the king of the Alt-Right – pretty sure we don’t have a king – but that conference definitely represented the Alt-Right.

We hate the Jews and we want a pure White nation.


Finally – and this is shocking, actually, even for a high-level “Tyrone, I’d like to introduce you to my gook wife” faggot like Watson – he said you have to not be a racist because leftists call you a racist.

And here you have Mike Cernovich saying Richard Spencer is a secret agent – and that he took over the Alt-Right!

“Richard Spencer is owned by the media – maybe he even has government connections,” he says!

Also – you’re all going to prison!

And David Duke is a secret kike!

This is Incredible

Richard Spencer was basically a member of this group.

Recently, Gavin McInnes even used him as an example of someone who doesn’t talk about Jews or use Nazi imagery to attack me for doing those things.

Then he promotes anti-Semitism and sieg heils and – BOOM! – the house comes down around him and everyone calls him a secret agent.

This is what happens. You can go on and on and on about “blah blah blah black people are stupid blah blah immigration” for as long as you want and you’re still cool. But as soon as you smash the Jews and invoke Hitler – the knives are out.

I understand that there are some forum regulars who are seeing a little bit of hypocrisy here, given that for the last couple of years, people associated with Spencer have called me a shill for hating Jews and invoking Nazi imagery. And now he just turned around and did the same thing. Well, okay, I see that point.

And I would indeed very much like to see Gavin McInnes come out and either apologize to me for calling me a fed or – if he wants to be consistent – apologize for saying Spencer was “real” and not a fed. Because it has to be one or the other, huh Gav? (Also, still waiting for McInnes to #DebateAnglin.)

But the thing is – all this means is that our ideas have won out. You don’t have to like Richard Spencer, or trust him, but he did a brave thing, and for that he deserves respect.

The greatness of his actions should not be judged based on anything he did before.

And no, I’m not 100% on-board with Richard, or ready to make him the leader of anything. I’m going to watch and see what happens. But I am very happy with the direction this is going in. And I think it would be extremely hypocritical of me to have criticized Spencer for not going far enough, and then when he goes far enough, to not salute him for doing so.

Hail Victory.